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    Investor Presentation at VRIC said plan on starting a small dividend by the end of the year
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    worst investment I have ever made. 4 years wasted
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    This is the email i have sent management about their most recent announcement:
    'I am sure you are getting inundated with emails about the Timok royalty. I just wanted to voice my opinion as a shareholder.

    I note that the arbitration has been suspended, indicating that there will likely be a concession on the percentage NSR by yourselves. I appreciate there may be some cost savings etc by not going through court. However, I think that there is extremely clear and strong legal ground for you to maintain the NSR as advertised.

    Additionally, if you signal to the market and other operators that all they have to do is challenge yourselves or 'interpret the contract differently' and you will negotiate a lower royalty I would forsee that this will NOT be a one-off.

    I will therefore be liquidating my holding and advising others not to invest in EMX if you come away with anything less than a 0.425% NSR or the original 0.5%.

    Furthermore, why did you cancel the arbitration? Could you not have advanced both discussions with Zijin and the arbitration simultaneously? It seems to me that if these discussions are protracted and you can't reach a mutual agreement that you will just have to start it over again and lose time value of the income.

    I am sincerely sorry if this sounds alarmist or aggressive. I just feel passionately that this will send a VERY bad signal to the market and show significant weakness with your other royalties; even if the wording of the other contracts is clearer, it will seem that royalties are not as strong if the owners cannot properly enforce them or follow through. Many of the EMX investors will cite the Timok royalty as the cornerstone investment thesis of EMX so this seems a rather crucial moment to stand strong.'

    Let me know if anyone else has other opinions
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    Question for you all... I'm a seasoned investor but Royalty companies are new to me This company is not yet profitable and doesn't pay a dividend. Shouldn't Royalty companies by definition pay dividends? Are there plans to?
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    Q3 earning summary.
    For the three months ended September 30, 2021, the Company had a net loss from operations of $10,866,000.
    Day before the earnings:
    President David Cole Just Bought 6.1% More Shares In EMX Royalty Corporation (CVE:EMX)

    He and other insiders bought into the company knowing there would be a $10.8 million loss... After the market digests the loss Q4 is going to shine. I think the bottom is in now.
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    Still can't find the actual legalese of the royalty agreement betweeen Euromax (sold to EMX) and Reservoir Minerals & Freeport (all acquired by Zijin). Is it in Edgar or SEDAR somewhere?

    EMX as Eurasian Minerals purchased the royalty from Euromax. Nevsun acquired Freeport's stake along with Reservoir the company. Zijin acquired Nevsun. Since Zijin owns both Reservoir's and Freeport's former rights, appears what it comes down to is whether a change of ownership provision was in the deal. Did Freeport's interest convey to Nevsun along with the reduction provisions or not. As a successor in interest to Freeport's stake, sounds as if Zijin is saying yes.

    EMX announced in its February 4, 2014 news release the purchase of a 0.5% NSR royalty from Euromax Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: EOX) of London, England (“Euromax”) for $200,000 covering Reservoir Minerals Inc.’s (TSX-V: RMC; “Reservoir” or “RMC”) share of minerals and metals mined from the Brestovac and Jasikovo East properties in Serbia. These two properties are included in RMC’s Timok Project joint venture with Freeport. The 0.5% NSR royalty is proportionately reduced to RMC’s interest in the properties as Freeport earns-in by making exploration expenditures under the circumstances provided in the NSR agreement. Freeport has thus far earned a 55% interest in the Timok Project joint venture.

    The Metovnica portion of the Brestovac-Metovnica property which contains the Cukaru Peki deposit is subject to a 0.5% NSR sliding royalty pursuant to a royalty agreement (‘‘Euromax Agreement’’). The Euromax royalty is currently calculated using 0.5% Reservoir ownership %. As the Metovnica property was previously owned by FMEC, who conducted geophysics and limited drilling, the NSR royalty will not apply to any portion of the property eventually owned by FMEC and will also not apply to the portion of the property that has been purchased by Reservoir through the exercise of the ROFO.
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    Ceo says 500 million - 1 billion dollar market cap within 5 years
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    Poor old, EMX, just can't get any traction. Having said that I did add to the position lately because I believe that a rerate is in the cards here pretty soon.
    Having said that, the company has kind of painted itself into a corner by staking its claims in out of favor and/or unliked jurisdictions. As such, it will have to demonstrate actual, tangible, highly profitable results before it gets taken seriously....unlike companies that invest in safer and more popular regions.
    Oh, well. Let's see what happens.
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    If you measure profits by accounting rules, EMX isn't. But from they used the initial cash-raise years ago to build everything in this company. That includes the cash hoard, royalties, fractional gold mine ownership, shares in other mining companies, and prospects yet to be sold. I believe that a couple of years ago, the CEO indicated the compound rate of return was 33% over the life of the company. So the reality is, EMX is very profitable.
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    I stumbled across this today. This is ZiJin's website that states that 'Phase 1' of the Timok project should be "operational" by the end of Q2, 2021. This is one of the catalysts I've been waiting for. I thought posting this link would be of interest to the community since it's from ZiJin's website... God bless to all.
    Zijin News,underground development at -80 level of the initial mining area of the Upper Zone of Timo
    Zijin News,underground development at -80 level of the initial mining area of the Upper Zone of Timo
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    @Jackson: Sprott ranks EMX as a 4 (in their 1 - 10 ranking system), commenting; "premier prospect generator, no catalyst." A "4" is pretty good as they have no "1's" and very few 2's.
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    Every one in the sector has been saying that there are too many royalty companies chasing too few properties. I wonder it this is the end of EMX as an independent. In any event, it is going to take years or a super charge metals market to get this company to where it needs to be.
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    I just bought about 10,000 shares recently. Seems like a diamond in the rough with a coming market crash and rising gold prices. I’d like anyone’s thoughts on the future for EMX.
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    Back of the napkin math.
    50K ton copper = 110,200,000 lbs x $4.50lb = $495,900,000 USD. EMX 0.05% nsr = $24,795,000
    5T gold = 160,000 oz x $1750 = $280,000,000 USD. EMX 0.05% nsr = $14,000,000

    For a total of $38,795,000 USD for Q4!
    For comparison Q2 Royalty income for EMX was $298,000 CDN.

    That's like 130 Times increase in royalty revenue... Going to be an interesting next few months I would say. Would be nice to see the stock go up 130 Times to $468.00 :) lol
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    Added more EMX yesterday, positioning as my most favored royalty/streamer after MTA.
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    EMX is in a strong position, ending 2019 with working capital of $75,178,000, including $68,994,000 in cash, the majority of which is held in USD.
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    EMX will reward those of us who have been patient. I'm long on this one with an entry price under a dollar. The near future will be very exciting for EMX holders!
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    lack of posts here PROVES that this thing is headed over $10 late 2021/1st dividend IMO