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Eat & Beyond Global Holdings Inc. (EATS.CN)

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    Must be still at reducetarian summit, seems to be working on reducing sp
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    Take my non-professional-financial-advisor advice and don't touch this company.
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    wooooooh......look out below....yikes
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    could anybody of you guys suggest me that is it good buy or not right now??
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    Are we at the bottom or...?
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    Current Portfolio Companies:

    The Very Good Food Company: Plant-based food technology company that designs, develops, produces, distributes and sells a variety of plant-based meat and other food alternatives including The Very Good Butcher products.

    Eat JUST Inc: A food technology company and the makers of JUST Egg. JUST products are currently available in most major grocery chains in the United States and for purchase online via Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, Instacart and Walmart.

    TurtleTree Pte. Ltd: TurtleTree is recreating the full composition, functionality and taste of milk using the latest cutting-edge innovation. It aims to disrupt this multi-billion-dollar industry while reducing its carbon footprint and providing millions with access to safer, reliable and higher quality dairy products.

    Nabati Foods Inc: A plant-based company established in 2014, creating delicious plant-based foods including chocolate, deserts and cheese. All products are certified gluten-free, soy-free, certified kosher, and certified vegan. Nabati is based in Edmonton, Alberta and serves the North American Market.

    SingCell Tx Pte Ltd: SingCell is building a scalable, clean meat-manufacturing platform in Singapore to enable global alternative meat companies to access Asia-Pacific and global markets.
    Good Natured: A publicly traded company producing and distributing one of North America's widest assortments of over 385 eco-friendly, plant-based food packaging for home and business products, food packaging, restaurant/takeout containers, medical, and industrial supplies.

    Greenspace Brands Inc: A Canadian-based brand ideation team that develops, markets and sells premium natural food products across North America. GreenSpace owns Love Child, a producer of 100% organic food for infants and toddlers, and Central Roast, a clean snacking brand.
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    According to the latest financial statement, EATS holds follwoing assets in the portfolio:

    March 6, 2020, Greenspace Brands Inc. $400,000 (6,153,846 shares at $0.065 per share)

    June 8, 2020, The Very Good Food Company Inc. $50,000 (200,000 shares at $0.25 per share)

    August 31, 2020, Good Natured Products Inc. $100,000 (714, 284 units at $0.14 per unit)

    September 29, 2020, Nabati Foods Inc. $250,000 loan through a convertible note (right to fully convert into shares)

    Subsequent to September 30, 2020, the Company has made the following investments:

    Eat JUST, Inc. US$64,720 warrants in JUST (#of warrants?), US$86,253 to exercise the warrants

    TurtleTree Labs Ptd Ltd. US$150,000 purchase of a SAFE note

    SingCell TX Pte Ltd. US$113,878 purchase of convertible notes

    Summed up this leads to approx 1,2 Million CAD that EATS invested in the portfolio. Based on the current share price, we're talking 45 MIO CAD market cap, which represents a multiple of 37,5.

    The Company has still 2,25 Mio cash which would allo them triple their investments if they find enough good candidates. Trying to put this into a fair valuation would lead to at least triple of current share price, growth of the investments not included.

    Does that make sense?
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    I bought in high ($3.91)and now the stock continues to drop. I thought the company financials looked great and lots of potential here but the consistent drops are alarming. What do you guys think? I want to hold for the long run but I'm wondering if it's worth it?
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    This will sky rocket soon
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    Don't forget EATS.CN also have shares in GreenSpace Brand JTR.V (up 30% atm) and Good Nature Products GDNP.V (up 9% atm). They also have shares in EAT JUST, Nabati and VERY. I have faith in this stock as it is more diversify.

    I bought VERY at $1.7 in October, people pump it up in Nov to $5.7 then there was a massive crash to $4. I freaked out and sold everything. Now it went to $9 and I regret.
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    One of Eat beyonds investments is in Turtle tree labs. This company looks very promising. The companies entire staff is majority world class scientists. I linked there investor presentation below. Every one of beyond eats companies look like fantastic. Im in for the long term
    Entrepreneurship World Cup Singapore 2020 - Semi Finalists
    Entrepreneurship World Cup Singapore 2020 - Semi Finalists
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    I have a feeling there are bunch of day traders sold at $2.50, then buy in at $2.15 and sold it again at $2.4. These day traders will buy in again before EOD as they afraid tomorrow will open high.

    One day, these day traders will not be able to buy in low again and miss their boat and lost their share. The good thing about the day traders is that they are helping the volume?
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    So the reality is that as a investment fund they have invested in company's that are not currently public. That being said some if these company's are going to go public very soon and Eats beyond will have a good steak in them. There is huge potential here as we are finding these companies to expand facilities and help bring them to market. The Eats team is comprised of very skillful individuals who have the contacts and experience to help bring these seed companies to fruition. The growth potential is almost unlimited. Could be a 10 to 15 stock within a year people. Look at the fundamentals and decide from there. But up is the direction that this company is going.
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    My Two Cents
    Where do you guys see this going by the end of this year?
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    Double my money in two days!!! Congratulations everyone 😃😃😃
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    10+ within 3 months, 15+ within 6 months and 20+ within a year
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    Pre-market bids $2.40
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    Lets bet on closing numbers. The closest number wins 1 share :P . I say $2.9
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    This company seems to own small equity investments in many vegan / food related companies. They don't own enough to influence decision making at all. My question is how do they actually earn money / cash to grow. Secondly, why can't retail investors replicate their investment by avoiding higher risk companies? Would love to hear from anyone who thinks this is the next big thing.
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    I bought this at 3$ on Dec. 9th...