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Canadian National Railway Company (CNI)

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    Quarterly highlights:
    Adjusted EPS of $1.49 versus average analyst estimate of $1.50.
    Revenue up 12.1% to $3.598B vs. estimate of $3.628B.
    Management expects high single digit volume growth for the remainder of 2021.

    From Reuters:

    "Canadian National benefited from customers rushing to replenish dwindling inventory, as demand for consumer and industrial goods recovered from a pandemic-induced slump.

    Revenue from intermodal, the biggest contributor, rose 18.6% during the quarter. Rail intermodal involves the transportation of shipping containers and truck trailers by rail.

    Operating ratio, a key profitability metric for Wall Street, improved to 61.6% from 75.5% a year earlier.

    Net income rose to C$1.03 billion for the quarter from C$545 million a year earlier, when the company recorded a charge of C$486 million related to certain asset sales."
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    The market definitely doesn’t yet believe that cni will get the kcu a 325us offer kcu is trading at 270 .Pretty close to the cp offer of 275 .If you really think that cni will get approval for kcs,then buy kcs shares,theres a 60$ pop of pure profit if your right.i dont know so its not my bet.either way though cni lost 8 billion in mrkt cap since the announcement.if they dont get kcs then they owe 1 billion to kcs,so it should pop right after the announcement to make up the 7 billion lost.if they get kcs then over the next year or so cni should jump nicely because its now a company worth 25 billion more.either way its gonna move up.cant lose bet.
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    Why should I buy CN when it has underperformed the S&P by 20% over the past 5 years while CP, UNP, and NSC have all beat the S&P by at least 30%? Management says their focus is long term. How long must an investor wait for them to outperform?
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    From CC: they were able to restore bridge near Lytton in 2 weeks. Speed restrictions apply when temp. above 85 Fahrenheit, and apparently they get some accommodations then. Today high in Lytton supposed to be 84. Problem if future heat spikes or fires get close to tracks. Else, a few weeks to clear up all backlog.
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    Good earnings report
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    Excited for earnings tomorrow!
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    Sean C
    BNN - CNR is severely mispriced. Could double EPS within 5 years.
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    The USA is not a communist country yet, and in a free market, regulators do not decide what companies are going to do with their assets, especially after the companies decide what they wish to do. CN mad an offer, KCS decided to accept CN's offer, period. The STB doesn't get a say in that decision. The STB published it's rules, and if the CN and KCS plan to transfer ownership meets those requirements, hen it is the STB's duty under the US constitution to approve it. Otherwise they will be sued by CN, who put up 2 billion based on the published rules. So the only question an investor needs answered is, "Are the executives writing the plan, and touting their confidence in it's approval, are competent, and justified in their confidence, and ultimately their assessment of the required obligations.". I, myself, honestly do not know.

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    Real Mannie
    Pick up shares now or wait till after ER
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    earnings report for today please is it good or not
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    CN had a relatively "good day" because the US government might be about to step in and save it from severely overpaying for KSU.

    Hooray! Railroads will remain relegated to the uncompetitive backwater for another century!

    And give CN management their big bonuses.....for getting pulled out of the path the bullet they shot at themselves.
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    Sean C
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    Added another 25 shares. Let's go!!
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    Why is CNI not rising? With the KSU merger, additional growth and revenue will follow. Will this merger just create to much debt to overcome for years to come?
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    Sean C
    Buy the dip tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for $127
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    Took down post because I mentioned t&r s?!$nds and that it’s being targeted. Whose running this board- CCP?
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    CN is the only North American railroad stock that's holding today when all others are down more than 4%. This is a good sign, meaning sellers are basically all finished.
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    Sean C
    When's earnings?
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    Wonder if CN will be held liable for the fire that wiped out Lytton? Transportation safety board is investigating the cause of the fire based on information provided by the RCMP and BC wildfire service
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    One nice thing about CN Rail that I find is often overlooked is their employee stock purchasing plan. In addition to their defined benefit pension plan (which is one of the best in Canada's private sector), they subsidize employees' stock purchases which creates a continuous stream of insider buying. I mean, look at a 20 year chart. Is this not a company you would have loved to buy every chance you had ??