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Biomerica, Inc. (BMRA)

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    Discounting the possible reddit attention this seems to be garnerning lately, looking only at the price target of BMRA this seems very attractive. Any fundamental reasons why we should not expect an increase in SP? The company seems to have a ton of room to grow with it's miniscule market cap.
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    So obviously being manipulated ... 2.5mm shares traded per day (and that's just the recorded number, probably excludes dark pools), on a stock w/13mm shares outstanding, a 10.5mm share float and $7mm in annual revs?
    On the one hand, I wish I had the brains to figure out how to manipulate public markets. On the other, I think those guys belong in jail, and I wonder where the SEC, DoJ etc are?
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    Q4 going to be lit pump this
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    On the good news .....fall in share price? Why?
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    10 million share float.time to buy
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    Product now on sale in store at all Walmart locations
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    Up big on Friday both regular market and after market on low volume. Feels like someone knows good news is coming. Might be an interesting Monday
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    Nothing new in the quarterly report, except that enrollment is finished for the IBS testing, which is good.
    Obviously, BMRA is being attacked by naked shorts. But, I don't see the logic -- aside from the obvious temptation to manipulate a stock w/a very small float and low price.
    Only a potential 100% upside for the shorts, correct? (Or, am I missing something w/leverage?) VS 5,000% to 10,000% downside for them (more, if levered) if the products sell. And, why shouldn't they? They're in f'n Walmart and Walgreens and expanding into Asia, and that's just a single product w/sales not counted in the last quarter.
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    Revenue is only $7M

    if they sell 1 million kits for colon cancer at $12 each, that's $12M

    Cologuard's tests were around each $400, I think, at one point. Maybe they dropped from that price to $230 or so. Check. Point is BMRA has a cheap product and might get a high sales because of it.

    So, if they sell 1M kits, that alone takes the revenue to $19M, plus they have the irritable bowel product with patents in Mexico, the land of hot sauce.

    Someone said Cologuard's kit sold about $1B. I don't think that is correct, but it might be half that. They have a lot of products. Point is, Walmart might sell 10 million kits of BMRA's in three years, even 5 years. Now that's $120M. That's only one product. Lets get sloppy and call it $24M per year, easy figure. And don't forget their other products. 7+24= 31. Thats about 4 times the present revenue.

    The only have 60 people, but they might manage to have some production in Mexico or elsewhere without adding thousands of people.

    Right now, I'm not long, so I'm just thinking out loud.

    Right now it is at $5.68 premarket, down from over $7 peak yesterday. Surprised by the selling. Insiders? Maybe they want to sell a few shares and it adds up? Can't figure out when it sold off.

    Let's say it is at $5.70, easy number. If it goes up to match the revenue growth, it goes up by a factor of 4.

    My guess is it goes up by a factor of 10 within 5 years, maybe in one year.

    My guess is it likely goes up by a factor of 30 in 5 years.

    EXAS is in Wisconsin
    It has thousands of employees
    $16.7B market cap yesterday
    growing, great strength

    BMRA looks like an early version of BMRA
    maybe it is not
    They are in Irvine, which as UC Irvine
    UC Irvine and all the UC system is pretty intense, great schools, good support for BMRA

    your thoughts are welcome!

    seems like a great buy right here

    Someone said the producer of Cologuard sold $1B fp
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    Huge volume in at $5.50 short squeeze incoming.
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    How's that Walmart deal working out so far? Asking for a friend. LOL
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    What if the stock tank 5, 10 or 20% on Monday. What doesn't it imply?
    What if BMRA sales at Walmart reach $100 million a year or more, is that possible given Cologuard is selling 1 billion a year? what does that imply? How do you invest(while I know too many of you are smart traders, not investors aka gamblers).
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    is it more accurate than the exas test
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    Company Loss 6.5 Million Dollars they are low on cash plus nearly 2 million in debt Stock offering coming
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    Earning report will be good news
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    10 million share float.this will double.wallmart deal
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    Hey Thelonius you just answered the looming question about this company when you said it’s a single product. It’s called a one trick pony. And a one trick pony company doesn’t survive. Short hand over fist.
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    I don't like shorts. Selling what you don't own seems wrong. I own BMRA shares but I have some concerns. Does their product lend itself to repeat sales ? Is their going to be a loyal base of users? If not, how are enough new users attracted to this product to warrant production and pay the rent. Will Walmart run a super bowl halftime ad telling people why they need this product and should use it regularly? Give WMT half the profits if they will. When I think about cleaning up my shed or clearing the pile of papers on my desk I get a certain feeling. I am getting that feeling now.
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    Even if they issue more shares.its going to $10