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These are the world’s highest-paid comedians in 2017

No. 10: Sebastian Maniscalco
The Italian-American stand-up comedian — and former waiter — earned all his money on the road. He performed over 100 gigs over the last 12 months, grossing $15 million. Pollstar estimates he makes an average of $238,161 at each show. (Canadian Press)

These are the world's highest-paid comedians in 2017

People say the quality they most look for in a partner is a sense of humour. This list explains why.

Forbes released its list of 15 highest paid comedians in 2017, and each of them take home more than $15 million a year. Many make significantly more.

The top dog is not a surprise (he’s still as funny as he was last year, apparently) but click through for some fun new additions. All figures in U.S. dollars.