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The Rolling Stones

Bloomberg News complied a list of highest grossing touring music groups that had at least one member over age 50. The rankings were based on reported total ticket sales gross for the year 2013. Yes, these four, who require no introduction, made the list.

Yikes: 10 wealthiest bands in the world today

Is it yet fair to say we're getting sick of Baby Boomers? The free love, the unprecedented prosperity, the BMWs, the legwarmers, the headbands--the sweaters draped over shoulders. Gen Xs, Gen Ys, and whatever the next one is--they're likely not riven with remorse that the next life stage for Boomers involves shuffling in jogging pants, pill boxes, and that curious pong of the elderly.

But not so fast: They're not dead yet, perhaps because they're spending your inheritance on expensive concerts. Boomers absolutely owned the music touring scene in 2013. Read this list of the 10 top-grossing acts at your peril.