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#25 Austria

On average, 1.7% scored at elite levels
143,854 brilliant people estimated

The countries with the most brainpower

Which country has the largest stock of brilliant people?  The answer to this question depends in part on raw brainpower, but also on the size of a country.

Exclusively for Business Insider,  Dr. Jonathan Wai , a Duke University Talent Identification Program research scientist and psychologist, compiled a new ranking of countries based on scores  on the 2009 PISA assessment , which tests reading, math, and science competency in 15-year-olds.

Note that China is not included on this list. Not every student in China was assessed, but only a few cities. And the result was that Shanghai in particular was a large outlier. Shanghai represents a tiny fraction of China's population, is a migration hub that attracts elites, and is much wealthier than the country as a whole

Below are the countries with the most brain power, noting the average percentage getting the top score on PISA tests, and the the estimated number of brilliant people: