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Roadside Temple in Bali, Indonesia

Roadside Temple in Bali, Indonesia

If you think India has many shrines, think again. In Bali, Indonesia’s Hindu island, there are temples everywhere – in streets, atop mountains, clinging to cliffs, on the seashore, and in the courtyard of every home.

Photo Tour: Bali's breath-taking Hindu temples

The Indonesian island state of Bali is home to the majority of the country’s Hindus. Balinese Hinduism is characterized by the worship of the supreme god Acintya, along with the trinity in Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The art and ritual of the Balinese Hindus trace back to influences from the 4th century when Hinduism reached the island’s shores. Balinese temples are ornate, beautiful and situated in visually stunning locales. LAKSHMI SHARATH traipses through Bali and returns with these breathtaking picture postcards.

LAKSHMI SHARATH is a media professional, traveler, travel-writer, photographer and blogger. Read her story, Gods and goblins in Bali on Yahoo! India Travel.