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New trophy mansions of the Forbes 400

Bill Gates, worth $72 billion

Forbes 400 Rank:1
Home: Mallett Hill Equestrian Estate, Wellington, Fla.
Price: $7.8 million in May 2013

The Digs: The richest American bought this 4.8-acre farm, in a wealthy horse lovers' enclave, after reportedly renting it for $500,000 last winter. It has a 20-stall barn and a show jumping area.

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New trophy mansions of the Forbes 400 billionaires

The rich continue to get richer. The 400 wealthiest Americans account for more than $2 trillion worth of wealth combined, according to Forbes 400 editor Luisa Kroll, with the average list maker’s fortune growing to $5 billion, a $300 million gain from last year. That ever-increasing mountain of money can be chalked up to a variety of factors, but among the most notable is the recovery in real estate.

But billionaires haven’t just enjoyed renewed price appreciation on their luxury property portfolios, they’ve been adding to them. Over the last 18 months America’s wealthiest have splashed out record sums for coveted trophy homes in America’s most expensive ZIP Codes, on America’s most exclusive streets.

Here are some of the biggest new home purchases made by members of the Forbes 400 over the last 18 months.| By Morgan Brennan, Forbes

Read details about the mega-mansions of Forbes 400 billionaires from Morgan Brennan on

And click here to see a slideshow with even more of their trophy estates.

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