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Most expensive homes in Canada this summer

No. 10: 2250 Indian River Crescent, North Vancouver, B.C.
List price: $25,000,000
This custom-built 8,500-square-foot mansion appeared in a tie at No. 6 on our spring roundup of most expensive homes in Canada. It offers all the joy of living nestles in a forest: massive picture windows offer views of the surrounding trees while rich wood features throughout the home help to bring the outside in. (Photo: Lionel Lorence)

The most expensive homes listed for sale in Canada

Summer is one of the best times to shop for a new home: the weather is nice for open houses, and you don’t have to drag your furniture through the snow. Although chances are if you’re in the market for one of the homes on this list, you won’t be schlepping your own stuff, anyway.

Real estate listing database Point2Homes has compiled its quarterly list of the priciest homes available in the country right now, and they’re even more expensive than the ones from spring. Listing prices start at $27 million, and you’ll notice one province dominates the list: There are nine listings in B.C. that crack the top ten.

The list is compiled by analyzing various real estate databases, portals and brokerages for the priciest properties available.

Editor’s Note: Real estate-savvy readers may be familiar with Chelster Hall, an Oakville, Ont. property currently on sale for $65 million. While the home is expensive, it is not publicly listed, and therefore not included in the Point2Homes study.