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Ten of the World's Most Michelin-Starred Cities

Paris, France
As the birthplace of the Michelin Guide, the fount of French cuisine and the undisputed world capital of fine dining, the city of Paris is unsurprisingly Europe's most Michelin-starred city. As of 2012, Paris has over 70 starred restaurants, 10 holding the coveted three-star rating.

Even with the large number of starred restaurants within the city, getting a table at any can be a chore, and the prices can be exorbitant. Michelin foodies time their visits for lunchtime, when the prices are lower and the rush for tables less stressful.

City of Stars: Ten of the World's Most Michelin-Starred Cities

Ever since tyre manufacturer Michelin had the brilliant idea of publishing starred restaurant reviews in their travellers' guidebooks in 1926, attaining those stars has become an obsession in certain quarters. Chefs base their reputations on the stars they’ve earned, and diners make a game of "collecting" dining experiences from Michelin-starred restaurants within reach.

To this day, Michelin Guides award one, two, and three star sets to the restaurants with the best menu and wine list. Losing and gaining stars can have a major impact on business (French chef Bernard Loiseau killed himself in 2003 when he was certain his restaurant would lose its three-star status). Some cities are more blessed with Michelin stars than others - one or more of these cities could be right on your next travel itinerary.

By Mike Aquino for Yahoo Southeast Asia