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1. "Brooklyn" — Rakish, Comfortable, Spectacular — Is Everywhere

Photo by: Esquire
1. "Brooklyn" — Rakish, Comfortable, Spectacular — Is Everywhere

When we say that these four restaurants have a Brooklyn feel, we mean it as a compliment.

Gwynnett St., Brooklyn

People tend to look for similarities among Brooklyn restaurants - they all have nondescript facades and pork belly. What sets Gwynnett St. apart is chef Justin Hilbert. The restaurant offers just six starters and six mains. Dishes like Pea Shoots and Leaves, made with snap peas, radishes, curds, and whey, and a lustrous soybean-and-pistachio soup with rhubarb and butter reveal a chef who knows when to stop.

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The Best New Restaurants 2012

By John Mariani

Nearly three decades have passed since Esquire published its first annual list of the Best New Restaurants of the Year. Sweeping trends in the restaurant world have come and gone, but this year has been unlike any other: In place of one trend, there are a whole bunch - and not just trends but also new ideas and personalities and ingredients and entirely novel kinds of cuisine bouncing around every city we visited. We've organized our list accordingly, showing how each restaurant fits into a larger phenomenon in the world of eating out. So get eating. It's a big, exciting, delicious country out there.


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