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7. Say no to firecrackers

Yes. We are all aware of the adverse effects that firecrackers have on our environment but continue to turn a bind eye to it. Apart from leading to hazardous air and noise pollution and adding to the cause of global warming, it also has a traumatizing effect on our pets. What we need to remember is that Diwali is a festival of 'lights' and not 'noise' and 'smoke', therefore, try and avoid bursting firecrackers as much as possible.

7 things to do this Diwali

When it comes to Diwali, the most common thing you, being a regular

guy, will do is probably catch up with friends, burst some firecrackers

and booze the night out, and before you know, the glorified 'festival of lights' is over. Well, Diwali can be a lot more fun provided you give in to the festive

spirit. After all, Diwali comes only once every year, which is exactly

why you should go a little out of your way to make it memorable.

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