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Top 10 skills kids need for their future job

No. 10: Cognitive Flexibility
(The Huffington Post)

The 10 skills your child needs to get ahead in the future

As your child settles into the routine of school, chances are their future career isn’t high on their list of priorities. Nor should it be: childhood is the time to learn important foundational skills, which they can build on when they eventually do need to make decisions about work. As a kid, play is priority one.

The World Economic Forum has released its annual list of skills that children need for future work. In the Future of Jobs Report, these skills are identified as being critical to workplace success by the year 2020. Developing these skills as children will mean success in the workplace later on.

The WE Forum writes that “worryingly, these skills are often not featured prominently in children’s school day where the norm is still the chalk-and-talk teaching approach.”

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