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10 far-off destinations at the edge of the world

Mt. Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand - Untouched and remote, this national park on New Zealand's South Island is so striking, so otherworldly that it was the set for The Lord of the Rings movies. At Mt. Aspiring National Park, where civilization as you know it ends and Middle-Earth fantasy begins, aquamarine ice edges ancient glaciers on mountains. Rocky landscapes are like sculptures. And glowing green moss droplets blanket dense forests. It's the edge of a completely uninhabited, epic landscape. - Photo by Lake Wanaka Tourism

10 far-off destinations at the edge of the world

Miles away from anything that's even remotely familiar to most travelers, these 10 secret edge-of-the-world vacations are the types of fantastic, faraway places you never thought you'd make it to. They're extreme destinations that inspire soul-searching as you stand at Earth's outermost reaches and stare into the never-ending abyss of a new frontier. Read on for a roundup of remote adventures that involve mountains, deserts, icy tundra, and other uninhabitable conditions ripe for your next rite of passage. | Jamie Moore

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