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America’s best winter drives

Lake Tahoe, NevadaStarting Point: Incline Village, NV • The Route: 27 miles on Nevada Highway 28-E and US-50 • What to Expect: Mountains reflect off one of North America’s deepest lakes, filling the glassy surface with otherworldly imagery during any season, but especially resplendent in winter. Bring your camera and your skis, be they Nordic or alpine. You’ll also find plenty of beaches from which to look upon some of the planet’s clearest water. (Photo by SuperStock / Alamy)

10 best winter drives in the continental U.S.

Winter’s embrace means a slackened tourist pace in many popular warm-weather destinations, so this is an ideal time to explore America’s open roads. From Alaskan fjords to New Mexico’s high desert pueblos and covered-bridge country in Indiana, here are America’s top winter drives you’ll want to experience before spring.