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Why Vikram Bhatt is the King of Murder Mysteries

Quint Studio
·3 min read

Recently, MX Player released the trailer for its next MX Original Series Bisaat, an 8-episode web-series featuring an impressive ensemble cast including Sandeepa Dhar, Omkar Kapoor and Khalid Siddiqui. It mainly revolves around the murder of a powerful man, and quickly establishes itself as an engaging whodunit murder mystery. And here’s the clincher - it’s written and directed by Vikram Bhatt. We’ll get into why that pushes our excitement to a whole new level, but before that, do check out the trailer.

As soon as you watch the trailer, you realize you’ve entered the Vikram Bhatt world. Lies, deceit, plot-twists, and a constant state of doubt as you start questioning your own theories about the plot - all of these are vintage Vikram Bhatt.

Sandeepa Dhar as a psychiatrist who goes above and beyond for her patients
Sandeepa Dhar as a psychiatrist who goes above and beyond for her patients

Exploring dangerous secrets, the series traces the life of Dr. Kiyana Verma (Sandeepa Dhar), a psychiatrist who always goes the extra mile to resolve her patient’s issues. She finds herself consulting on a new case of a woman called Radhika Kapoor (Leena Jumani) who complains of an abusive relationship with her husband and business tycoon, Yash Kapoor (Khalid Siddiqui). As is Kiyana’s need to help her patients beyond the four walls of the clinic, she begins to dig deeper into Yash’s life despite the hospital and her husband, Dr Abhijit Verma’s (Omkar Kapoor) advice against it. Not long after, Yash Kapoor is found brutally murdered at his beach house and all fingers are pointed towards Dr. Kiyana Verma. What follows next are revelations, blackmail and a thrilling chase to find out who murdered Yash Kapoor. A pawn, a target or the culprit – what is Dr Kiyana's ultimate truth?

Khalid Siddiqui plays a powerful business tycoon
Khalid Siddiqui plays a powerful business tycoon

The man who keeps giving Bollywood much-needed breaks from romantic comedies, family dramas and typical action films, and single-handedly made back-to-back generations of fans rediscover the twisted beauty of horror thrillers, is one of the few big names from the big screen who’ve managed to carve a niche for themselves in the digital space. And even now, with Bisaat, he’s not simply giving us a murder-mystery but also getting us to think about mental health, emotional abuse, and the blurred lines between being professional and getting too involved with a client.

Omkar Kapoor as Kiyana’s husband
Omkar Kapoor as Kiyana’s husband

Vikram Bhatt is a genuine auteur in Bollywood and his clear success over the years in the horror/thriller/mystery genre leaves no doubt when we say he’s the king of murder mysteries. He knows exactly what the audience wants, delivers that, and yet manages to tackle something interesting every single time. This keeps the audience coming back for more.

Leena Jumani plays Kiyana’s patient and Yash Kapoor’s wife
Leena Jumani plays Kiyana’s patient and Yash Kapoor’s wife

The true talent of a director or a writer is to get the viewer to keep thinking about the film or series long after the credits have rolled. We’re pretty sure you’ll do the same once you’re done watching Bisaat. We know we did.

Bisaat is currently streaming on MX Player.

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