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Why Calgary has some of Canada's most desirable neighourhoods

If you’ve ever watched an episode of House Hunters, you know Canadians can be pretty attached to their neighbourhoods.

A new report from RE/MAX, with the help of Leger, found 89 per cent would recommend their own neighbourhood to others.

The report also found Canadians spend more than two-thirds of their time in their own neighbourhood, and the rate is highest among Baby Boomers.

“While price and value are always top of mind for buyers, there are some aspects about a home that you can’t change,” said Christopher Alexander, executive VP at RE/MAX of Ontario-Atlantic Canada.

“These liveability factors are what make your home more than just the place you live. They are at the heart of the Canadian experience, especially when you consider the survey results.

There are three major categories, with 11 subcategories that make a neighbourhood desirable according to the report. Proximity to shopping and dining ranked the highest at 62 per cent.

The subcategories include the availability of work/access to employment, public transit, green spaces, shopping, economic development, population growth, schools, housing supply, housing affordability, healthcare, as well as bike lanes and walking paths.

Canada’s most desirable markets

Among Canada’s major markets, Calgary is most desirable by ranking high in seven out of 11 categories, including offering good access to employment opportunities, population growth, housing supply, housing affordability and easy access to bike lanes and/or walking paths. Inglewood, Hillhurst and Charleswood ranked as Calgary’s top three all-around liveable neighbourhoods.

Edmonton also ranked high in access to employment opportunities, number of top rated/preferred schools and easy access to bike lanes and/or walking paths.

“Despite reports of slowing economic conditions and a relatively flat real estate market in Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton shine as beacons of liveability,” said Elton Ash, regional executive VP at RE/MAX of Western Canada, in the report.

“This is a promising sign for any buyers considering a purchase in either city as they continue to develop as liveable cities in their own right.”

Brampton, Ontario was the star among the smaller markets, by ranking high in seven out of the 11 categories.

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