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Victoria Grant video on Canadian banking system goes viral

Liam Lahey

It's rather remarkable that a 12-year-old girl has taken it upon herself to lay a verbal beating on the state of Canadian banking but that's exactly what Victoria Grant has done and in a most convincing fashion.

If you haven't seen it yet, the Cambridge, Ont., youth's address at the Public Banking in America conference in Philadelphia last month has become an online hit, with a YouTube video posted by her father. The video has already generated close to 75,000 hits.

In short, the young lass calls into question the state of the Canadian banking industry, "Have you ever wondered why the bankers from the largest private banks are becoming wealthier and the rest of us are not," she asks.

She doesn't hold back as she champions a greater role for the Bank of Canada while openly criticizing the federal government for being in leagues with Canada's private banks to keep us all in debt. Frankly, she makes a compelling case for significant change.

"The banks and the government have colluded to financially enslave the people of Canada," she charges before encouraging anyone listening to "engage your government to stop this criminal act against the people of Canada."

On one hand, it'll be interesting to see if in about 15 years or more Victoria ends up graduating from a university and moving on to work for one of the financial institutions she takes to task. On the other, you could argue the young lady represents a critical hope for the future. No doubt some would dearly love to see this girl take a run at holding the keys to the Prime Minister's Office one day.

Are the words indeed her own? That's the great unknown. Regardless, she raises important questions that most adults don't stop to consider and now perhaps we will.

Take a look here: