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The Very Best Twitter Reactions to 'Blonde' Now That It's on Netflix

Photo credit: Dominik Bindl - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dominik Bindl - Getty Images

Blonde, Andrew Dominik's film about Marilyn Monroe starring Ana de Armas, finally debuted on Netflix and the reactions have been extreme. From the misogyny portrayed in the film (and coming from interviews with the filmmaker), to some wild-sounding scenes involving a fetus, to the NC-17 rating, jokes about all of the above, and more positive things like how perfect Ana de Armas captures the actress, it has been a WILD week of discourse. Here are some of the best tweets about Blonde before you decide to watch (or skip) the film.

When the trailer for Blonde was released, people talked about how uncanny Ana de Armas was as Marilyn...except for her voice. That was the first sort of online chatter about the film. The actress played Marilyn with her natural Cuban accent—which honestly doesn't bother me. There are so many World War II films where everyone has a British accent for no reason, it's ridiculous! It helps me to distance myself, separate the performance from the real Marilyn Monroe, and remember that this is indeed a fictional film.

Anyway, then the movie came out.

People realized that Blonde is long AF

At least you can pause Netflix. Still, yikes.

The movie is also brutal AF

Help me out with this hilarious metaphor; Is the dinosaur the movie and is the girl us watching it, or is the dinosaur ~Hollywood~ and the girl Marilyn? Hmmmmmm...


There's the sexual exploitation of it all

How do you, as a man, make a movie about how men exploited a woman without also exploiting the woman? According to these tweets, Blonde did not crack it.

There's whatever this take is about the book Blonde is based on

Agree to disagree with SO much of this take. There are conversations to be had about who has the perspective necessary to tell certain stories. However, repeat after me: sexual assault and abuse is about power, not attractiveness.

There's plenty praise for de Armas

You can't deny that Ana de Armas was committed and gave an excellent performance. Though I guess if you run the Ana De Armas daily account—not to be confused with Ana de Armas Updates—enthusiasm about her performance is to be expected. Still, they aren't the only ones that think de Armas's talents shine through. Hopefully Blonde leads to many more leading roles for her in the future.

There are these jokes *about* the reactions

If there's anyone who stands to gain from someone else getting called out for abusing the memory of Marilyn Monroe, it's Kim Kardashian. She's off the hook for what she did or did not do to that dress now!

There's whatever this is just, like, in general

She does *what* to a fetus? Talks to it? Anti-abortion messaging in this climate? No thank you!

And, of course, the most important thing to remember:

We'll always have "Let Me Be Your Star". Why anyone's making Marilyn Monroe content that's not more seasons of Smash is beyond me.

One silver lining to these extreme Blonde reactions is that the film never was and never will be the definitive interpretation of Marilyn Monroe's life. It's not a documentary. It's based on a novel, not a biography. There are other movies, television shows, songs, and books about Marilyn Monroe. There are the words and filmography of the woman herself. It's understandably difficult to keep in mind while watching or talking about Blonde when the film went through such meticulous detail to replicate moments and costumes from Marilyn's actual life, and frustrating that the end product has been so explosive.

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