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The Unknown Media Giant Taking The World By Storm

If today’s gold is data, and the data of each individual is worth at least $175, then a content management company reaching 100 million people is sitting on a ‘human resource’ of ~$20 billion in proved reserves.

No, it’s not Google.

It’s not Facebook, either.

Or Twitter.

It’s the future of publishing designed to bypass these digital giants.

It’s the biggest thing in data that you’ve never heard of.

That’s because it operates in the shadows of some of the biggest mainstream news outlets in the United States … such as CNN.

Publishers are struggling. They’re not growing. They’re just surviving. And it’s all because of the mountains of first-party data that they’re not collecting because they don’t have a platform to monetize it.

They’re under immense pressure to grow ad revenues, yet they are beholden to the likes of Google.

And their survival depends on the quiet (until now) rise of new content management and data-collection platforms that can rewrite the rules of who ... Click here to view full article