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Twitter's Video App Vine Changes Age Rating To 17+ After Porn Controversy

Megan Rose Dickey

Twitter's new video-sharing app Vine has changed its age rating to 17+, following an outbreak of porn. TNW first noticed the change.

Before this update, Vine was rated for anyone 12 and older. But that became increasingly risky as users began uploading and sharing pornographic content.  

A simple search for #sex or #porn would bring up an array of graphic video. At one point, Vine accidentally featured a pornographic video to all of its users, which prompted Apple to remove the app from its "Editor's Choice" section on the App Store. After that, Twitter started blocking all porn-related searches. However, it's still pretty easy to find porn on Vine with some clever searching techniques.

But Apple never entirely removed Vine from the App Store, even though it has a history of removing other apps that make it easy to find pornographic content. Last year, Apple removed video-sharing app Viddy for its porn problem. At the end of January, Apple also removed photo-sharing app 500px because it had a bunch of nude pictures.

Other than Vine's updated age policy, the updated app now makes it possible to share directly Twitter or Facebook, and report or block a profile. 

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