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TOWIE's Mark Wright has opened up on having a tumour removed

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Photo credit: BBC/Wall to Wall Media Ltd/Stephen Perry
Photo credit: BBC/Wall to Wall Media Ltd/Stephen Perry

The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright has revealed that he's had a tumour removed.

Wright, who appeared in the first three series of TOWIE, told followers on Instagram that he discovered a lump in his "breast/armpit area" and was "cautious enough to get it checked".

In a lengthy and candid post, Mark told fans that he underwent surgery yesterday (December 8) to remove the lump, after doctors could not say with certainty that it was a benign tumour.

Admitting that he had debated over whether to share his health news with followers, Mark explained that he decided to share his experience in the hope that it could help or even "potentially save" another person in a similar situation.

"I saw a doctor who passed it on as 'a fatty lump that doesn't need any treatment' so I just left it," the former Strictly Come Dancing finalist wrote.

"After some time the lump grew and began to bother me. I am someone that when it comes to life in general, I leave no stone unturned. When it involves health, this idiom quadruples."

After seeing a specialist, Mark revealed that he was told the lump was most likely a lipoma, a benign soft-tissue tumour, but that the size and the speed with which it had grown meant that the consult "did not want to rule out the worst".

Sharing his next steps, Wright added: "The tumour will be sent off for further testing just to be 110% sure, but this top doctor is certain from his incredible experience that we have done the job and there is nothing sinister to worry about."

Photo credit: Greg Doherty - Getty Images
Photo credit: Greg Doherty - Getty Images

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Urging followers to get anything "that doesn't look or feel quite right" checked out by a doctor, the reality star and presenter concluded: "MORAL OF THE STORY: If you notice anything that doesn't look or feel quite right, don't leave it.

"Nothing in life is more important than your health and well-being. Get checked, check yourself and make sure you take good care of yourself."

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