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Top 10 Mentors to Follow in 2020

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 20, 2020 /

1. Demetrius Curry

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Demetrius Curry had to go back and forth between a difficult family situation and group homes. Although he was smart, he was a very unmotivated student. Demetrius dropped out of high school and had to spend some time on the streets. He was homeless, he hustled to survive, and soon Demetrius became what he liked to call a "street-level entrepreneur." After being shown his own true potential, he decided to change his life. He went on to work in finance, including stints on Wall Street and Madison Avenue.

Today, Demetrius has made it his life's mission to level the playing field and help young people who are living just like he used to. He instills the importance of higher education to high-risk youth and he encourages them to put their lives to better use by using his rocky road as an example. In addition to doing motivational speaking to at risk youth and college students, Demetrius has also entered the entrepreneurial tech scene. He created a platform that combines social media and advertising in order to help reduce student loan debt.

Instagram: @thestartupronin

2. Eric Cabrera

Retired Lieutenant, Eric Cabrera, prides himself with 23 years of experience in the fire service. In 2017, he retired from Seminole County Fire Department before moving to Colorado with his family.

Today, Eric Cabrera is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and real estate investor. Eric has built and sold several businesses. He opened his first real estate firm that produced a total of $6.2 million in sales and acquisition in nine months before Eric sold it on the market. He is also a TV personality in some of Colorado's popular shows like Fox21's Fitness Fridays and the morning show, Loving Living Local. Eric is on the executive board of two non-profit organizations and owns two health club chains.

Eric is currently working on bringing a brand new Functional Training studio called Blitz45 to Colorado and the western half of the United States. His first Blitz45 location in Colorado Spring is set to open summer of 2020. He recently co-authored the Power of Mental Health with best-selling writers Johnny Wimbrey, Heather Monahan, and Les Brown. Eric has coached numerous individuals in real estate, motivation, and business development and growth. He plans to widen his reach through his coaching company and YouTube channel called Generational Increase.

Instagram: @the_eric_cabrera


3. Ryan Engh

Ryan Engh is a former baseball player, investor, entrepreneur, and mentor to hundreds of young, knowledge-hungry entrepreneurs.

After leaving college and baseball early, Ryan carved his path as a serial entrepreneur and began self-educating. Now Ryan is a multi-family Real estate investor, owner of multiple digital marketing agencies, eCommerce stores, and credit secrets mentor.

One of the most significant influences to Ryan's success has been Tai Lopez. "Tai has been a great friend and mentor to me," said Ryan. Lopez has featured him on his social media platforms and testimonials for his courses as a top student. Ryan is becoming well known for teaching young entrepreneurs to obtain better credit scores to help them launch their business ideas. And now, Ryan wants to pay it forward by helping young entrepreneurs looking for solutions to grow and improve their credit scores.

With the success and experiences he has earned, Ryan is determined to help young entrepreneurs make their dream a reality.

Instagram: @ryan.engh

4. Nisha Grewal

Nisha Grewal is a chartered financial analyst candidate and UBC Graduate. She is President and CEO for Ambari Beauty which is a luxury skin care line based out of Beverly Hills, California. Ambari will be a direct competitor to some of the largest skin care companies in the world; which some have been sold for close to $1 billion dollars. Nisha has currently raised $3mm for Ambari which involved major institutions investing in her company, and now plans on raising an additional $15mm dollars which will allow her company to distribute its products throughout the United States. Nisha's goal is to have the company valued at a minimum of $800 million in the next eight years and to be one of the youngest entrepreneurs to achieve such success in Canada. Ms. Grewal has been passionate about curating and developing brands from the ground up and also has a robust resume of philanthropic work and charitable endeavors. She adopted an elementary school, where she fed 15,000 children lunch for one school year.

Instagram: @nisha.grewal_

5. Dr. Olu Oluwa Tofehinti

Dr. Olu Oluwa Tofehinti is a pastor, life and marriage coach, transformational speaker, and author. Dr. Olu is a graduate of the International Bible Institute of London and the University of Greenwich, London, UK. He further pursued a Masters in Theology from Surrey University, UK. He went on to earn his Doctors in Divinity in 2017.

Aside from being the senior pastor at the House of Praise Foursquare Church in Bellevue & Kent, Washington, he has also planted churches across Europe. Audiences from Africa, Europe, and North America have been blessed with Dr. Olu's firm conviction. He envisions to address personal and community problems through transformational mentoring, coaching, and leadership based on biblical and spiritual principles.

Dr. Olu has written many books to be able to reach more people. His last book, an Amazon bestseller in its category is Unshackled: The Secrets of Ruling Your World, which discusses the power of Christians to dominate and rule their world. All of Dr. Olu's books are available here. Also, look out for his new book coming out soon, "Secrets Your Therapist Will Not Tell You", it will be available on Amazon. He also offers a life transformation masterclass, a ten-week relationship makeover program, to help keep relationships alive and healthy⁠-not just surviving, but thriving. Dr. Olu is married to Bola, and they are blessed with children.

Facebook: DR HOLLU & Associates

LinkedIn: Dr. Olu Oluwatofehinti


6. Jonas Muthoni

Jonas Muthoni is the founder and CEO of Deviate, a Los Angeles Premier Digital Marketing. He is also Chief Executive of Software Agency & SomeFuse PR Agency that is also based in Los Angeles. Muthoni was raised in Africa by his mother alone, together with five other siblings. For him, his family, hard work, moral values, and close relationships are very important. For the last 3 years, he has had the honor to serve as a breast cancer board member. During his free time, he volunteers for various causes. Muthoni also makes sure that he spends time with his family, friends, and his dog ollie, and to play soccer.

Instagram: @jonasmuthoni

Facebook: Deviate Agency

Website: www,

7. Joshua Ezeadiebuo

Joshua is an Engineer by profession, but his first love is, and will always be Africa. Ensuring that everyone has an all-round education is his number one priority. And he does that by publishing online and organizing workshops, where he teaches on enterprise education and personal development. He believes that ignorance is dangerous, and without the right information, you can't apply it to your life and improve your situation and those around you. Knowledge is just potential power, but it needs to exist, for you to have the courage to apply it.

He's currently working on a mastermind platform, to help connect the world to the network and resources enjoyed by the top 20%.

LinkedIn : Joshua Ezeadiebuo

Instagram: Mablenet

8. Ryan Carroll

Ryan Carroll is the founder of All Green Cleaning LLC, a company dedicated to providing carpet and upholstery cleaning for residential and businesses in the whole state of Maryland. The company was created 5 years ago from the vision of the 44-year old mogul from Anne Arundel County. Over the years, Ryan has led All Green Cleaning LLC with meticulousness and attention details. "We clean carpet and upholstery for homeowners and businesses. We use green cleaning products and non green products," Carroll said. Their team makes sure to leave their clients with the cleanest and most sanitized homes - giving them smiles on their faces.


9. Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das is a highly-acclaimed author, influencer, motivational speaker, and filmmaker. He is the principal author of the book Life's Amazing Secrets. His inspirational videos have accumulated over 500 million views on social media and have impacted the lives of millions. He's worked with many large institutions like Google, Salesforce, Bombay stock exchange, CII, YPO, and many more.

As a monk, Das brims with profound spiritual understanding and a positive outlook in life. Das decided to share his wisdom to several students from prestigious colleges in Mumbai. Years after, his former listeners - now holding crucial positions in different companies - began reaching out to him and asked him to speak at their companies.

He received the Gandhi Peace Award and the 2016 Rotary International's Super Achiever Award for his contributions to spiritual and inspirational fields to the community. Das was also given the YouTube Gold Button Award after getting over 1 million subscribers.

Facebook: Gaur Gopal Das

Twitter: @gaurgopald

Instagram: @gaurgopaldas

Youtube: Gaur Gopal Das


10. Collin Spencer

Collin Spencer is the founder of Collin Spencer Ministries, founder and Lead Pastor of Champion City Church, CEO of Win Everyday which is a Life Coaching business dedicated to improving the lives of youth and young adults located in Irving, Texas and around the world.

Collin Spencer is making a national impact within the community encouraging millennials to enhance their lives by empowering, inspiring, and life changing lectures. With an amazing story of his own, his transparency heals the broken and strengthens the weak. Collin has proven to defeat the odds and remains focused on the assignment given to him as a catalyst to change for all.

Furthermore, Collin is a book author, songwriter, movie script writer, film producer, and spiritual advisor to many. Collin merges spirituality with the practicality of everyday life to impact those that are believers, as well as the unbelievers.


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