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Taco sells for $27,960 at charity auction

If you like tacos and very, very expensive things, have we got a meal for you. (Grand Velas Los Cabos)

For one American, Cinco de Mayo is a significantly pricier holiday this year.

Last Friday at Grand Velas Los Cabos in Mexico, the world’s most expensive taco sold as part of a charity auction for the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation. The winning bid for the taco, which was served with a glass of La Ley’s tequila, was $27,960 USD (about $38,263 CAD).

The expensive edible was won by Mike Patterson, who gave it to his two guests. One of them, real estate brokerage owner Reyna Houston, declared that the taco and accompanying glass of tequila were “totally delicious.”

Bidders got to watch as the taco and tequila were presented by two security guards, present mostly to protect the $3.5 million La Ley tequila bottle, which is encrusted with 4,100 diamonds and is made of 3.725 kg of platinum.

At the charity live auction event, patrons had the opportunity to purchase the world’s most expensive taco. (Grand Velas Los Cabos)

The Grand Velas Los Cabos unveiled the pricey taco-and-tequila pairing in March, available for guests to purchase for $25,000 USD (about $33,537 CAD). This culinary indulgence is made with langoustine, Kobe beef, Almas Beluga caviar and black truffle brie cheese, and is topped with a salsa of dried Morita chili peppers, Ley.925 Ultra-Premium Añejo Tequila and civet coffee. The luxurious ingredients are wrapped in a gold flake-infused corn tortilla (with more gold leaf on top to finish the dish).

For an extra $150,000 USD, you can get a white gold-and-platinum bottle of Ley.925 Pasion Azteca Ultra-Premium Añejo Tequila.

When you order the taco-and-tequila combo at Frida, the resort restaurant serving this unique offering, don’t worry about ordering one for your date too: this meal is designed for two people to indulge.

For those who don’t want to spend quite that much on a single meal, the resort, located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, has several other more cost-effective options for authentic Mexican cuisine at its eight restaurants and various bars on site.

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