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Sound Off for Dec. 5, 2021

·2 min read

Good call

Finally, a judge has made a decision that makes sense by refusing to let a child sexual predator out of jail early. Compassionate release? Give me a break. Let’s ask the now-grown kids how they feel about a compassionate release.

More information

I initiated the conversation in Sound Off regarding the disappearance of the birds from our Coast feeders and very much appreciate Anita Lee’s article in the Sun Herald allaying the concerns of many of us regarding that phenomenon this time of year. However, that article doesn’t address the weird puzzle of all the many squirrels disappearing from the woods in front and back of our home the first week of November; same period as the birds. A scientific explanation would be appreciated for this event which has never happened before.

Gas prices

After Katrina, gas prices were close to $5 a gallon, and no one thought to blame George W. Bush, even though it was on his watch. Gas goes up to $3+ under Biden’s watch and far-righters want to blame Biden even though the gas hike had its roots on Trump’s watch. How much more hypocritical will they get?

Good grades

There’s no excuse for a hospital to get anything but an “A” on a safety grade. Shame on Memorial Hospital and Merit Health. Looks like I will be traveling to Singing River for my medical care.

Buyer’s remorse

Fair or not, the sitting president and his administration either reaps the benefits of a rolling economy or scorn for an awful one. Biden is in charge - or someone pulling the strings behind him, so it’s his problem. More than that ... it is our problem as a country. I have buyer’s remorse and I did not even vote for him.

Informed choice

I think hospital personnel should be required to display on their badges if they are vaccinated or not. That way patients can request a vaccinated nurse, etc., to provide care if they want. The same for businesses. Post a sign if all your employees are vaccinated or not so patrons can make informed choices where to spend their money.

Tough choices

Vaccinated, recovered or dead:. Those are our options this winter.

A sign?

You know the far left is desperate when they start quoting the Bible

Lead by example

I appreciate the work that the Mississippi Department of Health is doing. However, when leadership in Mississippi and in Mississippi hospitals does not require medical professionals to be vaccinated, how can they ask the general public to vaccinate? Leaders lead by example. Do as I say not as I do does not work in the 21st century.

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