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PRESS RELEASE: SSH launches the first in the world Quantum-Safe data communications software for mainframes

SSH Communications Security Corporation
SSH Communications Security Corporation

Securing data management and cloudification from quantum computing will be one of the main cybersecurity challenges of the 2020s, from which mainframes are also not protected. In response to this critical concern, SSH announces that its upcoming version of Tectia SSH Server for IBM z/OS will have Quantum-Safe capabilities, similar to Tectia Client/Server released in June 2022. With this upgrade, mainframe users will have an easy and straightforward way to make their file transfers and terminal connections Quantum-Safe and future-proof.

Quantum computing will present a challenge to encryption in the near future by threatening to render classic cryptography useless. Even now, transmissions can be recorded and then decrypted when cryptographically relevant quantum computers are available, making long-term secrets vulnerable as we speak. With the Quantum-Safe upgrade, Tectia SSH Server for IBM z/OS can communicate with both Tectia Client/Server and the most relevant third-party applications to create Quantum-Safe remote access, file transfers, and tunneling connections in and out of the mainframe.

Tectia Server for IBM z/OS is currently the only implementation to have Quantum-Safe data communications both in and out of the mainframe

Mainframes are an integral component of large IT infrastructures, handling 68% of the world's production IT workloads. One reason for their popularity is their built-in advanced security features. However, while data is relatively safe when in the mainframe storage, it can be easily intercepted from data communications. With the eventual availability of quantum computers, the data and the valuable secrets contained within will be exposed.

"Quantum safety is a cornerstone of our solution portfolio. I'm extremely proud of our progress to bring Quantum-Safe functionality also to the mainframe side of our solutions," says SSH CEO Dr. Teemu Tunkelo. “Mainframes are extremely important in handling data in most large organizations. Because of their critical role in the data infrastructure, they need more security than normal servers, and we at SSH are happy to provide that,” concludes Tunkelo.

The Quantum-Safe mainframe upgrade is scheduled to be released in December 2022. You can now request a demo or a quote on the product by contacting the SSH team or visiting our website. 

Learn more about Quantum-Safe Cryptography (QSC) Security Solutions | SSH

For further information, please contact:

Teemu Tunkelo, CEO, tel. +358 40 5499605, email   
Jussi Rautio, Tectia Product Manager, email 


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SSH helps organizations safeguard their mission-critical digital assets at rest, in transit, and in use. We have 5,000+ customers worldwide, including 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies and major organizations in the Finance, Government, Retail, and Industrial segment. We are committed to helping our customers secure their business in the age of hybrid cloud and distributed IT and OT solutions. Our Zero Trust solutions offer safe electronic communications, secure access to servers and between servers. Our teams in North America, Europe, Asia, along with a global network of certified partners, ensure customer success. The company’s shares (SSH1V) are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.