Obsidian disputes Alberta regulator's finding that company caused seismic events

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(Reuters) - Obsidian Energy Ltd said on Monday it does not agree with Alberta Energy Regulator's (AER) conclusion that the Canadian oil and gas producer triggered a series of earthquakes in Alberta between November and March.

Obsidian said it has requested data and analysis that AER relied on when making its decision to issue an order to establish seismic monitoring at the Water Disposal Well located southeast of the Town of Peace River in Alberta.

An investigation conducted by an AER branch concluded that Obsidian's disposal operation induced the seismic events. The regulator gave the company 15 days to implement its recommended mitigation plan, among other steps.

Obsidian said it intends to comply with AER's order, but would engage independent third-party experts to help better understand the regulator's reasoning. The company said it does not anticipate any impact on production due to the order.

(Reporting by Arshreet Singh; Editing by Shilpi Majumdar)