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Next-gen Xbox may feature advanced multitasking and require Kinect to function

Dan Graziano

Microsoft Xbox 720 Specs

Rumors have been circulating about Microsoft’s (MSFT) next-generation Xbox for quite some time now. Earlier reports suggested that the console may require an always-on Internet connection that could block used games and others claimed it could even include Siri-like voice controls. According to a new report from Kotaku, the Xbox 720 will be capable of running multiple games and services at once by allowing users to “suspend” their current game and switch to a second one without losing their place in the first one.

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The system is also said to require games to be installed directly to the hard drive, and may also ship with a Kinect sensor that has to be “plugged in and calibrated for the console to even function.”

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Microsoft’s next-generation console is expected to be equipped with a 1.6GHz eight-core AMD processor, D3D11.x 800MHz graphics, 500GB of internal storage, 8GB of RAM, and is even said to support Blu-ray discs.

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