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Nesa’s Hemp Launches the World’s First Ever Full-Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2020 / Making a significant noise in the mass-marketed CBD arena as a change-maker and industry-disruptor is Nesa's Hemp, the company which launched the world's first-ever full-full spectrum hemp oil.

Nesa's Hemp takes pride in its "living hemp," a rare form of hemp delicately produced by using the whole plant while keeping it alive during the extraction process. This extraction process is exclusive to the company, which sustains the plant's natural molecular structure. The result is a superior hemp oil enriched with vitamins, healthy fats, and phytonutrients, which help prevent diseases.

The leading CBD company is best known for its Beyond Organic CBDa Hemp Oil, the world's first-ever "full-full" spectrum hemp oil designed to restore the body's internal balance, support overall cellular health, and reduce stress while promoting relaxation and more. Research has concluded that cannabinoid acid (CBDa) is much more effective than cannabinoid (CBD) alone.


As such, Nesa's Hemp perfected the one-stop-drop CBDa hemp oil with a mission to change people's lives.

Nesa's Hemp takes pride in designing CBD and CBDa products that go above and beyond organic; this is made possible through their proprietary growth and extraction method that preserves the plants' stem cells harvested. Essentially, the development of all of Nesa's Hemp products is with the industry's highest standards. The company even goes the extra mile in producing the only soil-to-seed-to-bottle hemp oil of its kind.

By combining modern-day science with nature's unadulterated elements, Nesa's Hemp has championed formulating the purest hemp oil in the industry, and without using chemicals, solvents, or metals. Ultimately, Nesa's Hemp aims to provide a global supply of biologically ideal products for people's bodies and minds and, at the same time, safe for the environment.

The brilliant mind behind Nasa's Hemp is Inesa Ponomariovaite, a holistic health expert who has mastered the art of alternative medicines, herbal supplements, vitamins, and CBD Hemp oils in promoting total well-being. Before establishing her company, Inesa spent two years researching and thoroughly investigating the CBD industry. She dedicated much of her time and effort to understanding the human body's interactions with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Later, it dawned on her that no product has yet to meet the highest quality standards that people deserve. With this in mind, she sought support from experts all over the world and created a CBD-based product that not only meets but also surpasses world-class standards.

Today, Nesa's Hemp is a dominant player in the CBD hemp oil industry, and the countless positive testimonials from the people whose lives the company has touched speak for themselves. In the future, Nesa's Hemp eyes on becoming a global brand with a line of consumable and topical products. Along with its team of experts, the company also hopes to launch its research on CBD use for neurological disorders, cancer, diabetes, autism, inflammation, and more. On top of this, Inesa plans to start a subsidy program enabling financially challenged individuals and families to access Nesa's products. This initiative is consistent with the company's firm belief that "nature's science, as intended, should be available to all."

To learn more about Nesa's Hemp, please check out its official website.

Company: Nesa's Hemp
Phone number: 213-577-4929

SOURCE: Nesa's Hemp

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