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Murdered sisters’ mother vows ‘they will not let him out – I will not let them’

·4 min read

The mother of two sisters who were murdered by a Satanic teenager has vowed to stop him ever being released from prison.

Mina Smallman said justice had been done for her “beautiful girls” Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman as their “deluded” killer was locked up for at least 35 years.

Mrs Smallman had looked on while Danyal Hussein sat with his back to the court as he was jailed for life via video link from Belmarsh prison on Thursday.

Speaking outside the Old Bailey, in central London, Mrs Smallman condemned the 19-year-old, who had stabbed her daughters to death after making a pact with a devil.

On his behaviour in court, she said: “It’s all a performance. There is nothing wrong with him. He’s just an obnoxious human being.”

She went on: “He is a broken human being who, if he had not been caught, four other families may have been suffering what we have.

“Well he ain’t out there now and I think he is so deluded, come 35 years’ time they will not let him out.

“I will not let them.”

Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman
Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman (Met Police/PA)

Mrs Smallman went on: “There will be no celebrations here but justice has been done.”

She called for a review of the law, after the court heard that Hussein could not be handed a whole life order because of his youth.

She praised the Metropolitan Police for bringing Hussein to justice, saying she did not “cast a whole organisation by one particular sort of incident”.

But in the wake of a critical police watchdog report on the handling of the sisters’ missing persons report, she said there was an “underground that has infiltrated and is growing in our Metropolitan Police”.

She also thanked the media who had followed the case, saying: “Everybody is worth knowing about.”

Mina Smallman
Mina Smallman, the mother of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry, speaks to the media outside the Old Bailey (Joe Giddens/PA)

On her daughters, she said: “They were beautiful, beautiful girls.

“Bibaa left behind a daughter who has given birth to a son in the last year and I am a great grandmother.”

She said Ms Henry had been an “amazing” social worker but she grieved for her younger daughter Ms Smallman more because “she had 20 years less than Bibaa”.

She added: “Good girls – I’m really proud of them.”

Detective Inspector Maria Green said: “Danyal Hussein is a dangerous, arrogant and violent individual who from the outset has shown no remorse for his actions.

“The sentence handed down by the court today is a reflection of the seriousness of his crimes.”

She said it had been a “shocking and chilling case” which would stay with the officers who investigated it for a long time.

Court artist sketch of Danyal Hussein on video screen being sentenced
Danyal Hussein on video screen being sentenced by Mrs Justice Whipple at the Old Bailey (Elizabeth Cook/PA)

“Danyal Hussein went out that night with the intention of killing to satisfy his bizarre fantasies under the deluded belief he would be rewarded with financial prosperity.”

Instead he took the lives of two innocent women who were “simply celebrating a birthday”, she said.

Ms Green praised the sisters’ family for showing the “utmost dignity and strength in the most unimaginable circumstances”.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said the Government must “ultimately do much more in the protection and the prevention of these abhorrent crimes”.

When asked why missing person cases disproportionately affect black communities, in relation to how the sisters’ case was originally reported to police, she said: “This is a terrible, terrible tragic, tragic case, it really is.

“And I think it’s right actually that questions are being asked within the Metropolitan Police right now.

“We’re very clear not just in our determination that the work that we are doing to stop violence against women and girls, but making sure we do more in terms of preventing abuse and preventing violence.

“There is also an important message that everyone across policing must respond in the right way to complaints of violence, reporting of violence against women and girls, but ultimately do much more in the protection and the prevention of these abhorrent crimes.”

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