Michael Dell posts open letter to Dell customers, says buyout is best way to innovate for the future

Michael Dell Open LetterMichael Dell

Current Dell (DELL) customers may be worried about continued support for their products in the wake of Dell’s $24.4 billion deal to go private, but company founder Michael Dell is trying to set their minds at ease. In an open letter written to Dell customers on Friday, Dell said that his company’s “unwavering focus” would still be on “delivering a fantastic customer experience and creating value for your organization.” That said, Dell added that taking the company private was the easiest way to make sure that it would be able to “innovate, invest for growth and accelerate our transformation strategy.” Dell is reportedly planning to reinvent itself by developing a computer the size of a USB stick that’s capable of giving users access to every major operating system, from Windows to Mac OS X to Google’s (GOOG) Chrome OS.

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