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‘LOL Hasse Toh Phasse’ Will Make You Question Your Existence

·4 min read

LOL Hasse Toh Phasse's challenge is to 'control' laughter and I am sorry to say but this is the easiest challenge ever.

Pro Tip: Watch this on a device that has a low volume by default.

The show, streaming on Amazon Prime Video, is the worst thing I have watched since the pandemic started and mind you my crutch has only been cringe content. So THIS says a lot.

This 'reality TV' style show dropped on the platform last week. It has popular comedians, including Sunil Grover, Gaurav Gera, Cyrus Broacha, Suresh Menon and also some social media content creators like Kusha Kapila, Mallika Dua. Spread over six episodes, the challenge is to survive six hours together without laughing.

I think Amazon Prime Video was like... 'What do we make that doesn't invite more court cases?' And they rolled out this.

I don't blame the comedians and influencers for participating in this show, though. It almost looks like they were getting paid for doing nothing. That would be anyone's dream, isn't it?

Bored AF Suresh Menon...

My only favourite here, Suresh Menon, was the first one to get eliminated and I THANK GOD for that because when he was trying to stick it out, he looked something like this...

The person who came up with this concept put in the LEAST effort ever in the history of reality TV. I mean honestly, people have gone to extent of making shows like Bigg Boss and hiring Salman Khan for crores of money and I understand you probably didn't have the budget for that...but why on Earth would you waste money on this show that entertains no one?

The two things it made me contemplate were:

1. Should I still give APV my money for the subscription after this trauma?

2. I made sure I wasn't following any of these comedians/influencers on social media because if this show is an example of what they offer...I am OUT!

I Want a Personal Chat With Kusha Kapila After Watching This...

Yes, the woman in this photo is Kapila and I am not trying to kid here when I say that I admire Kusha Kapila. But sweetie, what happened? You've made me laugh so many times when it comes to what you do on Instagram with those reels and characters, but umm...I would rather watch Tom and Jerry right now.

Cyrus Broacha Has My Heart

There's a point where everyone around is doing stuff, playing characters and Cyrus Broacha is basically sitting like he's in his living room waiting for tea to arrive.

But I do like him. Why? He kept things real.

There's a point in the second episode when Broacha puts on a hat that has a toilet paper holder on top and says, "Mikhaail, Maya, I am sorry daddy has to do this so you can have dinner tonight."

We're sorry you had to do this too, Broacha. No Kidding.

Mallika Had Her Priorities Straight

Now I don't remember the last time I saw Mallika Dua do something other than that typical voice character and if you're expecting something different from this show when it comes to's not going to happen.

Actually, I am sorry. No one is expecting anything from this show apart from the participants waiting for their money to be credited to their accounts.

While others are putting on skits and changing character, she just enjoys the noodles and why not? Right?

Question: Why Are Aakash & Ankita Here?

Despite a warning from judges Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi, comedians Aakash Gupta and Ankita Shrivastav didn't make anyone laugh here but Aakash did make it clear why he was on the show.

And some people are like Ankita, who? Yes, I wondered the same.

Giving Credit Where It's Due...

Now, IF after all this you still wish to watch, your best bets will be the antics by Gaurav Gera and Sunil Grover. Both seasoned comedians ace the game when it comes to giving the audiences some reason to stick it out and watch this six hours worth of trash that could be spent sleeping.

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But my verdict?

LOL Hasse Toh Phasse checks all the boxes for content that can make you question your existence.

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