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Letters: Readers discuss Anthony Sherman, COVID vaccines and the Kansas City police

·3 min read

Made it real

There are few times when a sports commentary deserves to be on Page 1A for the benefit of all readers.

Vahe Gregorian’s insightful commentary Monday about the huge difference between being vaccinated and living a life full of segregation was uplifting. (1B, “Comparing segregation to vaccination policy, Sherman warped both”)

Despite the comments of former Chiefs player Anthony Sherman, nothing about wearing a protective mask or being vaccinated to prevent your painful death can be compared to living a life where you are a loser at birth. On the other hand, privilege is bestowed on others only because of the color of their skin.

We are fortunate to have a sportswriter lift his voice for the education of those who haven’t experienced the constant sting of discrimination.

- Clarence Abell, Olathe

Protect ourselves

It’s time to get real. Businesses need to post on their doors whether all of their employees have been vaccinated.

If employees have the right to make their own health decisions, so do consumers. I should be able to make my own decision on whether to patronize a business based on my possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

- Ed Mickells, Overland Park

Don’t buy it

Current events are again reminding us that if you speak loud enough, long enough and with sufficient vim and vigor, even the most outlandish untruths will be believed by some. The myth that the COVID-19 vaccine will make you magnetic and many other ridiculous claims — such as the outright lies about the presidential election having been stolen — have taken on lives of their own.

Such gullibility is not just remarkable. In these instances, it is destructive and frightening. Critical, independent thinking seems to be in such short supply.

- Charles Stiles, Overland Park

Village wisdom

Schools should require masks for students until all kids can get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The “village” it takes to raise a kiddo in Kansas City is strong. In fact, my family relocated here because of the village — this community’s prioritization of children. And in our village, the job of parents, schools and our community is to protect our children. Requiring masks is a basic safety and health measure that will do just that.

Studies from across the globe published in medical journals provide evidence. Masking is not foolproof, nor is anything we do to protect ourselves. But masks are scientifically proven to help reduce the transmission of illness. And they increase access to health for all. They are inexpensive and easy to find, so nearly everyone can access them, regardless of economic status or place of residence.

As schools get ready to open, it’s exciting our kids will have in-person learning. But with no mask mandates to protect them at school — where they spend more time than anywhere else — our village is not providing the moral leadership necessary to protect them.

Will our village make the choice to protect our kids? I sure hope so.

- Jennie Day-Burget, Leawood

Why change it?

While opposing a rule that would allow Kansas City police officers to move to Kansas, Mayor Quinton Lucas said, “I don’t know why we necessarily need to expand beyond that particularly when we have had generations of this requirement. I think we have a very good department.” (July 28, 1A, “Police board loosens officer residency requirement”)

Couldn’t the same be said against changing control of the department? State control has been in place for generations, too, and as the mayor correctly states, “we have a very good department.”

- Edward Coleman, Lee’s Summit

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