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What is the Latest INFI MultiChain Launchpad to be Released by INFI All About? Let’s Explore!

Inverted Investment
Inverted Investment

Inverted Investment is going to introduce INFI Multichain Launchpad that Includes 5 New Projects in NFT and Metaverse Investment along with an INFI Stablecoin.

SZOMBATHELY,HUNGARY, Aug. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inverted Investment is a crypto investment Project, providing a safe and transparent platform for founders and investors. It supplies Web3 layer-based dApp facilities to make investors’ lives easier with highly secure dApp projects. Inverted Investment Finance will be headquartered in Hungary, Europe, as a legally registered Company, as confirmed by CEO Odon Oszkar Horvath.

INFI is soon launching a brand new INFI MultiChain launchpad, with many NFT and Metaverse investment projects already in the pipeline. INFI is also planning to release the first ever INFI Stablecoin, called “IUSD,” once the current released INFI MultiChain Launchpad (IDO dApp) has reached its milestone.



As a crypto investor and looking  to collaborate with a reliable company, look nowhere besides INFI, as Inverted Investment have covered everything what's needed, plus 10% BTC rewards! What else can one need? On top of that, one can also get 10% passive income from INFIFUNDWH in stablecoins, upon becoming an INFI holder with Inverted Investment.

This leading company comprises of some of the best leaders like Odon Oszkar Horvath, CEO of INFI from Hungary,, marketing Leader from USA and Web designers from Sweden, and an extraordinary team of Devs from India and Singapore.

Some of the key features of INFI are as follows,

  • INFI plans to start its Web3 and Blockchain services with business locations in Europe and expand it to more partnerships from other parts of the world. The first business location is supposed to be in Vienna, Austria. This presents a great opportunity for European investors to come and collaborate.

  • It is a MultiChain project supported by a mixed DEX and CEX exchange with 10% BTC rewards so that investors enjoy the DEX market freedom while keeping the investments safe as a CEX exchange.

  • INFI holders will get a straight 10% profit on passive income. Also, INFI holders will get automated allocations in all upcoming projects' private sales, as well as the  INFI Wallet and Cross-Chain for more efficient use and safer storage for crypto assets.

  • INFI will be locking upcoming project liquidity with the biggest liquidity provider companies, keeping investors' money in safe places.

  • INFI will be partnering with trusted call agencies so that the investors are protected from scams and frauds. Additionally, INFI will use DEX Aggregator dApp and Swapping dApp for easy swapping and giving the best rates across Decentralized exchanges.

These characteristics are enough to motivate any investor to join this distinguished company. This is a long but definite roadmap to make life easier for common people to use everything digitally. However, one thing is sure; the coming soon INFI Blockchain, will bring a revolution in the crypto investment industry by bringing real-life services into Blockchain in real estate, healthcare, education, and other sectors.

CONTACT: Odon Oszkar Horvath Inverted Investment. info at