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Lasting Personal Transformation Just Isn’t Possible Without Getting To The Root, Says Entrepreneur Jeremy Griffin

Our modern society today has become obsessed with treating external factors when it comes to everything from medical and health scares, to mental health, weight loss, and finances. It’s common to find supposed “solutions” that promise to cure different ailments after just one dosage; yet, it’s much rarer to find a platform that promises to dive deeper beneath the conscious into the subconscious mind.

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When any given American decides they are finally ready to make a real change in the way they’re living, many companies will trap them in “get what you want, quick” scams or offer band-aid fixes that are mere marketing ploys. By treating the symptoms and not the cause, the actual root that caused them to find themselves here in the first place has gone totally untreated, says conscious transformation coach and entrepreneur, Jeremy Griffin.

“As someone who has been to hell and back, I know what it takes to climb out of a rut and transform your life,” said Griffin. “The truth is that there are no band-aid fixes to life's challenges. It’s actually a product of something much deeper inside. Feeling like you have a lack of control over a specific area of your life is a sign of an internal problem that needs to be addressed in a totally different manner.”


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Awareness Breeds Behavior Change

Griffin owns & operates Aligned Solutions, a conscious life and business mentorship platform that is designed to help people understand, process, and release their personal hindrances. By operating in treating people at a subconscious level, Griffin is able to go right to the source of the problem so that permanent behavior change can actually occur.

“We work with people who have already listened to all of the podcasts, read the self help books, and even sought help from so-called experts,” said Griffin. “And they know it’s just not working. They feel stuck in life and they are ready to finally make the change. The good news is, by becoming aware of and retraining one’s consciousness and belief systems, they are able to completely shift who they perceive themselves to be and show they show up in the world.”

Aligned Entrepreneur

Griffin even takes a mind, body, and soul approach to his work with entrepreneurs in their businesses, focusing on the CEO themselves before the strategies and tactics. He is on a mission to lift a person’s life upside down, reviewing every single thing that may be holding that person back from getting to where they want to be. What they uncover along the way is much deeper than marketing, systems, and sales – it’s completely transformative and life changing.

Understanding that many of these get-rich-quick programs resonate with people by offering results in a shorter amount of time, Griffin is on a mission to prove to everyone that having patience and dedication to total soul-transformation is a much more sustainable option today.


“Our students come to us with an array of internal & external problems, and leave with a totally changed mindset that makes them more successful in business, happier as a person, more connected to their loved ones, and most importantly, in full alignment with their purpose in life,” said Griffin.

Griffin often takes to Instagram and Facebook where he routinely shares his beliefs on what it takes to get to the next level in life. Everything he has built on social media is a direct byproduct of his personal experiences: hitting rock bottom in jail, feeling disconnected with his life’s plan, and sinking into depression. He rebuilt himself the holistic way, and wants others to know they can do that, too.
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