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Klaidas Šiuipys Shares the Obstacles He Faced in His Business Journey So Far and How He Overcame Them

Klaidas Šiuipys, who is an Amazon expert, consultant, speaker, and account manager, talks about the struggles he has faced so far and how he overcame them.

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Klaidas Šiuipys is an Amazon seller and SEO professional, who has been in the business since 2015 – when he was just 16-years-old. So far he has helped numerous people benefit from their online businesses by providing his services and expertise. He is known for his skills in tracking how Amazon is constantly evolving and how to adapt to take full advantage of any changes. He also actively participates in in Private Label and other Amazon-related events, as well as organizes and attends meet-ups.

“I am not a copywriter. Generally, I don’t like writing. I’m more of a numbers guy. I like technical things. The main obstacle was writing dozens of Facebook posts, media articles, and interview answers,” says Klaidas.

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Eventually, practice made it better and he found himself writing so much that he got habitual of creating content. Moreover, writing has now become easier and Klaidas has even improved. He is also writing his own book about how to make money on Amazon.

The young entrepreneur likes to avoid attention altogether and prefers to pull invisible strings and observe things that most likely are unnoticeable by others. He likes to remain in the shadows and work peacefully without having to deal with extra distractions. Nevertheless, he doesn’t deny the influence social media plays in this day and age and also credits a part of his success to it.

Klaidas’ motivational drive consists of three things – that push him to work harder despite any minor setbacks – freedom, money, and helping others. He is chasing the dream of full financial freedom and wants to get there before his peers do.

“I want to enjoy life to the fullest while I’m still young. Now, I have that freedom - I can do things, buy things, go places that many of my peers cannot, because of the money I make. It’s my definition of real freedom. And it’s addictive. It’s like a drug,” shares Klaidas.