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Kim Kardashian shops for the first $2 million Pagani Huayra in America

Justin Hyde

Horatio Pagani is an Argentinian engineer whose spent the past two decades hand-building exquisite supercars. Kim Kardashian may be the most famous woman in the world, for reasons that escape many, including us. Yet it somehow seems apt that when the breadwinner of the Kardashian clan went shopping for supercars this week, she would spend an hour checking out the first Pagani Huayra in the United States -- a 740-hp beast that could be hers for just $2 million. 

The Huayra -- named for an Incan god of wind, of all things -- isn't just some cobbled-together kit car. Pagani, who made his name building carbon fiber parts for Formula 1 cars, has made about 130 vehicles over the past 20 years, and all of them combine racecar-quality performance with interior and exterior details like brass and leather hood straps rarely seen outside a steampunk fashion show. With it's twin-turbo, Mercedes-built V-12, the Huayra can hit 60 mph in about three seconds and top 230 mph if given enough road.

According to the photographers who document many of her waking moments, Kardashian spent an hour on Tuesday checking out the Huayra at a Miami Lamborghini dealership, but her tire kicking did not apparently extend to a test drive. That's too bad; if you're in the wealthy celebrity quadrant of car shoppers, buying America's first Pagani would earn a modicum of respect from the enthusiasts. And given how fast the Huayra can motor, if Kardashian did buy it, there'd be no keeping up with her.

Photos: Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier/; Pagani