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How Kim Kardashian Reacted To Kanye West Sharing Kissing Throwback

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has reportedly not been swayed to reconsider her divorce from Kanye West after the rapper made claims that God would 'bring them back together.' In a post shared to his Instagram Story earlier this week, the 44-year-old quoted an article from TMZ alongside a throwback photo of him and his estranged wife kissing. The throwback post came just a few days after he made a public speech about his plans to keep his family together and 'change the narrative' around his marriage.

But according to a source close to Kim, who's currently dating Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson, she's still moving forward with her divorce from Kanye. 'Make no mistake about it, Kim is not getting back together with Kanye. Kim has not given Kanye any indication whatsoever that she wants to work it out,' the source told HollywoodLife. 'Kim already told Kanye that their marriage was done months ago when she filed for divorce.'

The 41-year-old SKIMS founder filed for divorce earlier this year in February after nearly seven years of marriage. Since then, she and the Donda rapper have been co-parenting their four children, North (8), Saint (5), Chicago (3) and Psalm (2), with Kim buying Kanye out of the home they shared in LA's Hidden Hills. 'Her and Kanye even amicably divided most of their assets, including their house,' the insider added. 'Kanye was even satisfied with the co-parenting situation that they had worked out.'

The source also suggested that Kanye is unhappy with his former wife dating comedian Pete. 'It wasn’t until Kanye saw that Kim was moving on that he decided that he and Kim were going to work things out, but it is too late for that and it is not how this works,' the insider revealed. 'Kanye is extra bothered because she is hanging out with Pete because he had some beef with Pete from when he went on SNL wearing his MAGA hat and this is known. So, the fact that Kim started to hang out with Pete bothered Kanye in general and now that he sees she is really enjoying being around him.'

ICYMI, back in 2018 the 44-year-old rapper appeared on SNL where he gave a speech in support of Donald Trump. A few days later, Pete called Kanye out for wearing a Make America Great Again hat backstage branding the move 'stupid.' Then, in an appearance on US TV show Weekend Update, he also claimed that what Kanye said 'off the air' was 'one of the worst, like, most awful things I have ever seen here [at SNL].'

Anyone else sensing some major dramz brewing?

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