Just days after catching donkey wearing ‘mask,’ Georgia officer wrangles more runaways

A Georgia officer really has a way with wayward donkeys.

He has wrangled three runaway donkeys — one possibly seen wearing a mask — in a month.

On Saturday, Nov. 27, Cpl. Smith with the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about a pair of runaway donkeys that were “trying to get out of town,” according to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office.

But a few apples were enough for Smith to convince them to stay and lure them back home, the sheriff’s office said.

It was the second runaway donkey case Smith has responded to this month, the sheriff’s office noted.

“What are the chances?!” it said.

Over the weekend of Nov. 13, Smith was called after a donkey was spotted walking in a roadway in Dawson County and possibly wearing “some kind of mask,” McClatchy News previously reported.

The donkey, named Buford, was also captured. His owner said he likely escaped through a fence and that he wasn’t wearing a mask when he got out. It’s possible that the person who reported the donkey mistook his halter for a face mask, his owner said.

Hundreds of people have reacted to or commented on the sheriff’s office’s post, including one user who referred to Smith as “the official Donkey Whisperer.”

Dawson County is in northern Georgia, about 60 miles from Atlanta.

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