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John McAfee Is Blogging in Jail (a Lot)

Rebecca Greenfield
John McAfee Is Blogging in Jail (a Lot)

The John McAfee show must go on! After Guatemalan authorities arrested him last night, our favorite rogue anti-virus entrepreneur has continued to entertain us by writing blog posts on his ever-delusional personal blog — he's up to four entries this morning alone. In one post, with the rather straightforward title of "Blogging from jail," McAfee calls his newfound pastime "a groundbreaking activity." Sure, we'll give him that. But the move shouldn't exactly surprise anybody, given that McAfee has taken every step to ensure that his seemingly endless escape saga continues to take as many strange and unexpected turns as possible.

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Still, in addition to his musings on the Guatemalan penitentiary system (in comparison to those in Belize, where he wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor), we do glen some actual information from these new posts. McAfee says that he spoke with the American Embassy in Guatemala and they can't do anything for him—not even send him back to the U.S. He didn't want to go back to the U.S. the other day, claiming he would instead head to Belize, to fight the rampant corruption he claims exists there. Getting detained, however, has changed his tune — even though there's still good news: the judicial process has delayed his shipment back to Belize. "So….. the urgency is eased a bit."