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J.M. Smucker disappoints, Tesla suppliers concerned, Tyson buys Keystone Foods

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

J.M. Smucker is disappointing investors this morning after delivering weaker-than-expected revenue last quarter. Smucker says its coffee business did well, with profit up 20%. Pet food sales were also strong. But the rest of its food business was weak last quarter.

The Wall Street Journal says suppliers are increasingly concerned Tesla may not be able to pay its bills. Some suppliers even say the electric car maker has asked to restructure payment deals. Elon Musk said in an interview last week that Tesla is behind on some payments because of disputes with suppliers, not because it cannot pay.

Tyson Foods is buying Keystone Foods, a top supplier to McDonald’s and other fast-food chains, for $2.16B. Tyson hopes the shift will help it compete in higher-profit areas, like providing chicken nuggets and fish fillets to restaurants.

Hertz is getting a new CFO. The car rental giant just hired Jamere Jackson to lead its finance team. Jackson comes from data analytics company Nielsen, and formerly was a top official at GE. He’ll join Hertz next month taking over for Thomas Kennedy, who is leaving to pursue other opportunities.

Mondelez is letting those iconic Nabisco animal crackers out of their cages. The packaging has been redesigned to now show the zebra, elephant, lion, giraffe and gorilla out roaming. For more than a century, the package depicted the animals inside circus cages. The company faced pressure from animal rights groups for the redesign.