ITOCO Introduces It's Soil Rescue Program ("SRP") to Africa

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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 30, 2022 / ITOCO INC. (OTC PINK:ITMC), is pleased to announce that through its Portuguese subsidiary, Colorful Euphoria, Lda, it has commenced the introduction of its Soil Rescue Program, "SRP" into the Republic of Nigeria.

ITOCO's representatives have completed a 7-day visit to the Republic of Nigeria where they presented the ITOCO "SRP" to several government agencies and departments including the Ministry of Finance, National Agency for the Great Green Wall for Nigeria, Chairman - House of Representatives Committee on Climate Change, as well as private companies interested in our Nopal cactus for biofuel, food products, feed for livestock, and carbon credits.

ITOCO'S "SRP" will transform arid and semi-arid land into viable Nopal cactus farms which will create its own economy around the plethora of products produced by our cactus without the need for a consistent water supply. The cactus will rehabilitate the previously barren land into fertile farmland to facilitate the planting of other crops, indigenous plants and trees.


ITOCO's mission is to be a global leader in soil rehabilitation, carbon sequestering, and biofuel production for the Clean Energy sector. ITOCO has developed and is promoting its Soil Rescue Program in Europe and Africa. ITOCO Inc. is quoted on the OTC Markets, symbol: ITMC. ITOCO is a 14-year-old publicly quoted BioTech company based in Toronto Canada, Lisbon Portugal, and Nevada USA. ITOCO seeks to partner with outstanding individuals and companies within the land regeneration, climate change and bioenergy fields to joint venture, research, and co-develop related products and technologies to the market.

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Michael Paul, C.E.T.
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