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Irked By 'Missing' Posters, BJP's Pragya Thakur Calls Congress MPs 'Traitors'

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On Friday, 15 October, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur came down heavily on a Madhya Pradesh Congress legislator for putting up posters that claimed that she had gone missing, news agency PTI reported.

Pragya Thakur's missing posters were allegedly put up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the event held at Bhopal's MVM ground to celebrate Dussehra, she said that "such Congressmen and traitors have no place in the country and that only patriots can live in India".

P C Sharma, Congress's Bhopal South MLA reportedly left the event half way, after the BJP MP began making remarks targeting him.

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BJP's Bhopal MP Makes a Veiled Attack on Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh

Calling Hindus patriots, Pragya Thakur also made a veiled attack on Veteran Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, who had unsuccessfully contested the last Lok Sabha election against her in Bhopal.

According to PTI, she said that no adharmic can become God-fearing by taking "Narmada parikrama" (circumambulating river Narmada). In 2017, Digvijaya Singh had undertaken the Narmada parikrama. This, however, was not the first time she was attacking the Congress leader.

""Animals also have feelings. When its offspring dies or falls sick, the animal cries. But they are worse than animals. Do not treat the sick as sick. At first, they tortured (me) and when I get sick, they put up my missing posters."" - Pragya Thakur said as quoted by PTI

She added, "Shame on such people that they become MLAs. Such people do not deserve to become an MLA, but became one. Such people call themselves Hindus, but they are insensitive. They attack us. They cry over those who kill us. Shame on such Congressmen, shame on such traitors and I say there is no place for them in India. Only patriots will remain in India," as quoted by PTI.

She further said that the nation is with Hindus as they are patriots. If the patriots understand their strength, then she said that India's borders will remain secure and that the country will reach its glory.

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'Pragya Thakur's Remarks Are Condemnable'

Congress MLA PC Sharma who had left the venue midway later told news agency PTI that Pragya Thakur's remarks were condemnable as she made 'political comments' at a social gathering on the occasion of Dussehra. Although she did not name anyone, Sharma said she had "insulted" people undertaking Narmada Parikrama.

He further went on to criticise Thakur for not helping the people of Bhopal, who were struggling to find beds and injections for two years during the coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting about the Bhopal MP's remarks of Congressmen not having a place in India, Sharma said it would be decided by the Constitution and not by her.

""Congress got independence to the country and at that time these people were with the Britons. She is trying to vitiate the atmosphere as she is playing kabaddi and Garba after being out on bail on health grounds (in 2008 Malegaon blast case). The court should take cognisance of this."" - Sharma said as quoted by PTI

Meanwhile, BJP secretary Rahul Kothari said that Sharma should not have left the podium as Pragya Thakur had not named anybody.

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(With inputs from PTI)

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