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iPhone 5 order cuts reportedly not as severe as claimed

Zach Epstein

iPhone 5 Order Cuts

Investors were sent into a panic on Monday, again, as reports from Nikkei and The Wall Street Journal suggested Apple (AAPL) slashed iPhone 5 component orders in half due to weak demand. According to both reports, Apple recently trimmed its iPhone 5 display panel orders from 65 million to around half that figure. BGR pulled the report apart on Monday, and now NPD DisplaySearch analyst Paul Semenza says his sources paint a much different picture of Apple’s recent order cuts.

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Semenza’s checks with his supply chain sources revealed that Apple did indeed cut its display panel orders for the month of January, but not by 50% as earlier reports had stated. Speaking with The New York Times, the analyst said Apple trimmed iPhone 5 display orders for January from 19 million to between 11 million and 14 million.

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If the analyst’s figures are accurate, the recent order cuts likely aren’t as severe as earlier reports suggested. They still represent a big adjustment, as Semenza noted, possibly indicating that demand for the iPhone 5 is nowhere near what Apple had anticipated.

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