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Hacker recreates fingerprints from public photo

Jacob Pramuk
Rafe Swan | Cultura | Getty Images

Politicians might want to stop talking with their hands.

Hacker Jan Krisller demonstrated his ability to replicate a German politician's fingerprint using a high-resolution photo at a conference in Germany this weekend, Gigaom reported. Krisller claims he isolated German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen's fingerprint using a photo from a public appearance and commercially available software.

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Krisller suggested politicians might want to "wear gloves when talking in public," Gigaom wrote.

The Chaos Computer Club, which held the conference, had previously shown methods to bypass fingerprint technology. It was the first group to demonstrate that a fake finger created from prints left on surfaces could beat iPhone touch identification, Gigaom said.

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Read Gigaom's full story here.