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Google execs again tease more Google Fiber rollouts

Brad Reed

Google Fiber Additional Rollouts

One of these days, Google (GOOG) is going to stop teasing us and announce more Google Fiber deployments, but until that happens we’ll just have to make do with tantalizing hints of what’s to come. The Los Angeles Times notes that Google executives once again emphasized their interest in bringing Google Fiber to additional markets in the future, as CFO Patrick Pichette said that it was not just a “hobby” for the company while adding that “we really think we should be making a good business with this opportunity” and that “we are going to continue to look at the possibility of expanding.”

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Google CEO Larry Page, meanwhile, said that the initial rollout of Google Fiber had been “a great success” and said the company was “excited about the possibilities” for where it could go in the future. Google’s enthusiasm for building out high-speed fiber networks is certainly a welcome contrast from National Cable & Telecommunications Association CEO Michael Powell, who recently described achieving gigabit speeds as an “irrelevant exercise in bragging rights.”

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