Glassdoor's annual list of favourite Canadian CEOs rewards strong leaders

Glassdoor, a leading recruiting site, announced this years top 25 most liked CEOs in Canada. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tops the list with a 99 per cent approval rating.

Benioff and his leadership team are described by one employee reviewer in a particularly glowing manner: “Leadership who empowers you to make decisions, and stand by them thereby promoting individual growth of team members.”

According to a study done by Glassdoor, empowerment is just one of the traits an effective CEO displays. CEOs who let their employees feel valued as well as show traits of being personable and approachable tend to win their approval. Employees also find a mission-driven company culture to be motivating.

“Winning a Glassdoor Top CEO award is a true acknowledgement of exceptional leadership, as it reflects the opinions of the employees who work with a chief executive every day. I congratulate all of this year’s winners on this significant achievement,” said Robert Hohman, Glassdoor co-founder and CEO.

The lone female CEO on the list for the second consecutive year is KPMG’s Lynn Dougnite. A spokesperson for Glassdoor pointed out that the list this year is a strong indicator that employers must aim to present more opportunities for women in senior management.

The list is compiled through a proprietary algorithm which takes into account quantitative and qualitative measures.Employees can rate their CEOs with a quick thumbs up or thumbs down as a mark of approval. What sets apart two CEOs with the same approval ratings is anonymous reviews left by employees.

While the list consists of CEOs in industries ranging from finance to gaming, technology still remains as the strongest sector with eight CEOs from tech firms. Toronto was the most represented region in Canada with six CEOs.

The Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards for the Top CEOs

25. Charles Brindamour (91 per cent) – Intact

24. Jeffrey R. Carney (92 per cent) – Investors Group

23. David Ingram (92 per cent) – Goeasy

22. Donald J. Walker (92 per cent) – Magna International

21. Ashley Cooper (92 per cent) – Paladin Security Group

20. Shom Sen (93 per cent) – BCAA

19. Dean Connor (93 per cent) – Sun Life

18. Tim Cook (94 per cent) – Apple

17. David Ossip (95 per cent) – Ceridian

16. Dave Mowat (95 per cent) – ATB Financial

15. Jeff Bender (95 per cent) – Harris Computer

14. Paul Segre (96 per cent) – Genesys

13. Allen C. Eaves (97 per cent) – STEMCELL Technologies

12. Jonas Prising (97 per cent) – Manpower

11. John Zettel (97 per cent) – AVI-SPL

10. George Goldhoff (97 per cent) – PURE Canadian Gaming

9. Mark Machin (98 per cent) – CPP Investment Board

8. Mike Wessinger (98 per cent) – PointClickCare

7. Satya Nadella (98 per cent) – Microsoft

6. Lynne Doughtie (98 per cent) KPMG

5. Yves Guillemot (98 per cent) – Ubisoft

4. Bill McDermott (99 per cent) – SAP

3. Marc-Étienne Julien (99 per cent) – Randstad

2. Sachin Shah (99 per cent) – Brookfield Renewable

1. Marc Benioff (99 per cent) – Salesforce

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