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Financial Press: Not Just Horsing Around – Corporate Growth with an Equestrian Twist

Equine Connection initiates corporate training programs

(Financial Press - Feb 13, 2014) - As the old saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink"… well, what if a horse could lead the company to success? What if a horse could identify the top employees, or make the entire team work more cohesively and effectively?

This rapidly emerging strategy in the corporate training world could be the answer. Equine Connection, a Strathmore, Alberta based Company has a stable of four legged teachers highly trained in whipping teams into shape. This teaching staff will not pull any punches and quickly weed out who is built for management and leadership as well as helping those who aren’t quite there, get there.

As a small business owner with employees, or a Global Corporation with massive employee infrastructure continuously coaching and identifying who is good at what skill, who can manage others effectively and who can potentially become management material as the company grows.


Bill Robinson, Vice President Human Resources, Husky Oil attests, “After my first session I came away a firm believer that working with horses can not only help individuals to better understand themselves but can also be instrumental in developing effective teams that are aligned and working towards a common purpose. The fact that the benefits are evident almost immediately makes for a fantastic team building event that can actually produce results.”

“Although I am the certified instructor, it isn’t me that creates the change, the change happens to each and every person coming in to this program because you cannot fool our teachers,” states Kari Fulmek Owner & Certified EAL Facilitator/Instructor, referring to her Horses as seen on her website

Horses are extremely sensitive, aware of their surroundings and quick to react. By including horses in specially designed educational experiences, equine‐assisted specialists have greatly multiplied the participant's rate of success to self-discovery. Horses can't over think a participant's motive and horses can't manipulate behavior.

But by their intuitive nature and innate sensitivity, horses can provide facilitators with a window into the participant's personality. As facilitators listen to a horse's non‐verbal communication, they have the ability to walk participants through the curriculum to create life or career altering change.

Fulmek states “What you learn is important, however what your remember is priceless!” Equine Connection will sort out the qualities of the employees by putting the horse in the middle of the team. Horses reveal the hidden dynamics of teams so that they can be effectively managed. It's the truest of honesty as to identify individual and team’s qualities and what they may or may not be showing. The horse can discern and give honest feedback as they know no other way.

Much like horses, peope look for strong leadership and mutual trust and respect is only given and reciprocated once there is a strong leader to follow. Using horses as a corporate team building tool can give business leaders the chance to learn how to be an authentic leader; a leader that people will follow and trust.

It has been proven that the more senses that are engaged, the greater the likelihood that new learning will be retained. What is learned is important however, what is remembered is priceless. Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the attendee to remember the training far longer than if sitting in 'just‐another‐classroom'.

Equine Connection is a unique and effective strategy and could be that missing tool that every Company needs at some point in its growth and evolution. Visit the website at

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