Editors' all-time favorite travel wares

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We all have something we wouldn't travel without, whether it's something that brings back memories or is some unexpected item that you've found a million uses for. They're the things you brag about—using a shower cap to store your shoes, the magic spray that gets wrinkles out in a pinch. In short, they make you feel like a travel boss.

I asked everyone on Fodor's editorial staff to divulge their travel must-haves, and divulge they did. From the scarf you can't leave behind to a perpetually packed cosmetics bag, here are the things our editors could never (ever) travel without.

All-Star Bags

Always-Packed Cosmetic Bag: My cosmetics bag ($30) is my ultimate go-to travel item. Not really for the bag itself, but because it is always packed and ready to go. I have tweezers that have helped me with splinters in Hawaii and served as mini-pliers in Wales; I have Neosporin and Band-Aids; there's a nice, thick lotion and even souvenirs from trips, like Dead Sea salt and minerals. – Linda Cabasin, Editorial Director

Multi-Use Makeup Bag: I always take my little LeSportSac passport holder ($20). Technically it's a makeup bag, but I use it as a passport holder—it has all the right pockets for my travel needs like a passport, boarding pass, a pen to fill out forms, iPhone headphones, some foreign cash, Tylenol and more. – Caroline Trefler, Senior Cities and Culture Editor

Pacsafe Slingsafe GII: I bought this backpack ($83) a few years ago and love how safe it is to carry on even the relatively mean streets. All the pockets can be closed, and the straps can be unhooked and wrapped around a chair leg to deter snatchers. I take it all the time as my carry-on because it's lightweight yet still holds everything I need on the flight, including my iPad. – Doug Stallings, Senior Editor Cruises and Resorts

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